Yeck Photo List

(From an album loaned to the SCHS, Sep. 2002)


RGY1      Baseball game at Loganville

Screen Shot 2018-06-27 at 9.51.50 AM.png

RGY2       Ball player with “D?” on uniform

RGY3       Ball player with “Gordon” on uniform

RGY4       Group of man holding sign reading “Dunlap Baseball”

RGY5       Loganville, Hwy 23 looking south. August Steinhourst house?

RGY6       Butch’s First & Last Stop Tavern, Loganville, May 21, 1950

RGY7       Albert Gluth farm, threshing oats

RGY8       Loganville Parade, girls, 4-R means “Fourteen Fools For Fun”

RGY9       Loganville Parade, kids with Federal Tire signs

RGY10     Loganville Parade, girls with signs

RGY11     Lady leaning on roll of fencing, back of Riggert’s Store, Loganville

RGY12     Ladies in front of Burmester’ s Grocery, Loganville: Lida Kruse, Elsie, Edna, Mildred

RGY13     Edna, in back of Riggertr’s Store, Loganville

RGY14     Martin Roewer, in uniform in front of Roewer’s Store, Loganville

RGY15     Ladies with flags in Loganville

RGY16     Probably Ernest Riggert in front of Riggert’s General Store, Loganville, c. 1910

RGY17     People in front of Burmester’s Store, Loganville (one in baseball uniform)