Women's Relief Corps - Civil War

The National Woman's Relief Corps, Auxiliary to the Grand Army of the Republic, Inc., is a patriotic organization whose express purpose is to perpetuate the memory of the Grand Army of the Republic, as their auxiliary organized at their request on July 25 and 26, 1883 in Denver, Colorado, and incorporated by Public Act of the 87th Congress on September 7, 1962.

In Wisconsin, the charter members of each village’s corp were recorded in a ledger now kept with other Wisconsin WRC materials. The names of WRC charter members in Sauk County were shared with us and are recorded here.


Allen, Nellie, North Freedom,

Ashley, Mrs. Amanda M., North Freedom,

Atwood, Miss, Alma A., North Freedom,

Avary, Mary, Wonewoc,

Baldwin, Sarah, North Freedom,

Bedford, Mary J., Reedsburg,

Bennett, Harriel, Kilbourn,

Bennett, Hattie E., Kilbourn,

Blachy, M, North Freedom,

Brady, Anna, Reedsburg,

Breoud, Lucia, Wonewoc,

Brooks, Aarcissa E., Reedsburg,

Brooks, Mamie, Reedsburg,

Bullis, Abbie, Kilbourn,

Bullis, Cliarlotte , Kilbourn,

Calkins, Drusilla, Baraboo,

Calkins, Ida, Baraboo,

Carpenter, Carrie, Spring Green,

Carpenter, Sarah, North Freedom,

Cearpmter, M. J., North Freedom,

Cerswell, Ida, North Freedom,

Chatterton, Dell, Wonewoc,

Cheek, Catherine, Baraboo,

Chlburn, Harriett, Wonewoc,

Claridge, Elizabeth, Spring Green,

Cliaffie, Mary , Kilbourn,

Colburn, Elizabeth, Wonewoc,

Coleman, Hattie, Reedsburg,

Collius, Lottie, Wonewoc,

Coow, Dell E, Kilbourn,

Courad, Addie, Kilbourn,

Crall, Elizabeth, Reedsburg,

Delop, Lucinda, Baraboo,

Docklious, Hattie, Kilbourn,

Duimnell, Miss. Mary, North Freedom,

Elliwood, Hannah, Reedsburg,

Fielde, Sally, Kilbourn,

Fight, Addie, Wonewoc,

Filkins, Anna, Baraboo,

Finch, Mary , Kilbourn,

Fish, Emma, Wonewoc,

Fish, Mary E., Reedsburg,

Fisk, Cordelia R. (sic), North Freedom,

Fisk, Lillian, North Freedom,

Fosnot, Belle, Reedsburg,

Fosnot, Mary, Reedsburg,

Fox, Tina, Wonewoc,

Fuller, Nellie, Kilbourn,

Fuller, Pauline, Baraboo,

Garner, Mary, Kilbourn,

Gray, Dency, Baraboo,

Gray, Mrs. Julia A., North Freedom,

Green, Lettie, Reedsburg,

Grinnell, Mattie, Spring Green,

Hackeet, Ann, North Freedom,

Hackeet, Mary, North Freedom,

Hagar, Hattie E., Reedsburg,

Hoffman, Bessie, North Freedom,

Hood, Jane, Spring Green,

Huff, Louise, Wonewoc,

Huonpson, Saby, Kilbourn,

Hutson, Hannah, Spring Green,


Jansine, Mary, Wonewoc,

Jones, Clarica, Kiblourn,

Kelly, Amanda, Reedsburg,

Kelly, Lizzie , Reedsburg,

Kriarp, Anuarella(sic) , Wonewoc,

Lane, Caroline, Wonewoc,

Lanosha, Mary, Reedsburg,

Lawton, Ida, North Freedom,

Lehambere, Ann, North Freedom,

Leut, Arzula , Kilbourn,

March, Mary A., Baraboo, `

Marstew, Emuia(sic), Kilbourn,

Maxham, P.E., North Freedom,

Melcalf, Maggie, Kilbourn,

Moore, L.A., Baraboo,

Morrow, Margate , Spring Green,

Nelson, Angie, North Freedom,

Nippent, N , North Freedom,

O=Dell, Mary, North Freedom,

Oaks, Anna, Kilbourn,

Painer, Sarah, Baraboo,

Parker, Laura E., Reedsburg,

Parker, Liuizal, Wonewoc,

Persous, Nellie, Reedsburg,

Petteyp, J. H., North Freedom,

Post, Elizabeth, Spring Green,

Prncia, Marie, Spring Green,

Proctor, Janette, Spring Green,

Rice, Mariela, North Freedom,

Rou, Mrs. J., Baraboo,

Ryan, Mrs. C, Baraboo,

Sargnant, Syble , Kilbourn,

Sauders, Kate , Wonewoc,

Scliofieed, Josephine , Kilbourn,

Seeley, Nellie, Reedsburg,

Sharp, Kate, Wonewoc,

Slunuway, Bell, Kilbourn,

Sluonalian, adel , Kilbourn,

Smith, Jerusha(sic), North Freedom,

Snelear. Mr. E, Baraboo,

Sniulte, Elvira, Kilbourn,

Soenbach ,Emma , Kilbourn,

Spalir, Mrs. Sarah A., North Freedom,

Spoones, Pearl , Wonewoc,

Sprague, Hattie E., Reedsburg,

Starling, Mate, Wonewoc,

Statas, Amanda, Wonewoc,

Steel, Jennie, Wonewoc,

Storuell, Elleu , Kilbourn,

Suider, Eliza, Kilbourn,

Sweattand, Mary, Reedsburg,

Swetland, Miss. Mary, North Freedom,

Thayer, Lydia, Reedsburg,

Thomas, Mrs. L, Baraboo,

Tougue, Nancy, Wonewoc,

Trumble, Mary, North Freedom,

Ulliew, Hattie, Kilbourn,

Van Alstine, Amelia , Kilbourn,

Van Alstine, Viola, Kilbourn,

Webster, Franh, Spring Green,

Weidman, Delia, Reedsburg,

Wetinore, Emma, North Freedom,

White, Maryelt(sic), Wonewoc,

Wiggins, Miss. Eva , North Freedom,

Wiggins, Mrs. P.J., North Freedom,

Winnie, Almia(sic), Reedsburg,

Winnie, Percis, Reedsburg,

Wisner, Francies, Kilbourn,

Woods, Marreua, Wonewoc,

Wyse, Lena, Reedsburg,

Wyse, Mary E, Reedsburg,