Tuttle Photo List

The collection donated by Ralph & Kathy Tuttle

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Scanned 9-2008


Engine, 91-2008A. C&NW RR, #101.

Bridge, 91-2008B.

Bridge, 91-2008C. Merrimac, Aug. 13, 1896.

Laying Track, 91-2008D.

Bridge, 91-2008E. Building bridge. Baraboo

Bridge, 91-2008F. Building bridge.

Steam Shovel, 91-2008G. 

Steam Shovel, 91-2008H.

Steam Shovel, 91-2008I.

Steam Shovel, 91-2008J.

Laying Track, 91-2008K.

Steam Shovel, 91-2008L.

Laying Track, 91-2008M.

Bridge, 91-2008N.

Merrimac Bridge, 91-2008O. Aug. 13, 1896.

Bridge, 91-2008P.

Trestle, 91-2008Q.

Depot. 91-2008R. Or a track side stop.

Bridge, 91-2008S.

Steam Shovels, 91-2008T.

Trestle, 91-2008U. “2ndtrestle from sta. 1627, Aug. 13, 1896.”

Track, 91-2008V. “Looking north from Devil’s nose, Sta. 161, Aug. 13, 1896.”

Engine, 91-2008W. Pushing equipment car.

Trestle, 91-2008X.

Bridge, 91-2008Y.

Trestle, 91-2008Z.

Bridge, 91-2008AA. Train cars.

Steam Shovel, 91-2008AB.

Bridge, 91-2008AC. “#342, May 30, 1896.”

Devils Nose, 91-2008AD. “Looking south from Devil’s nose, Aug. 13, 1896.”

Trail, 91-2008AE. Through the woods.

Canfield Tree House, 91-2008AF.

Warren Hotel, 91-2008AG. In Baraboo.

Devil’s Lk Slide, 91-2008AH. Luce Prader Pier & boat.

Devil’s Lk Slide, 91-2008AJ.

Devil’s Lk Slide, 91-2008AK.

Devil’s Lk Cabin, 91-2008AL. Bodenstein, Wilkenson.

Devil’s Lk Cabin, 91-2008AM.

Devil’s Lk Cabin, 91-1008AO.

Devil’s Lk Cabin, 91-2008AN.