BARABOO, WISCONSIN                                         

The Sauk County Historical Society invites you to attend the annual meeting of the society on Friday evening, October 22, 1915 at 8 o’clock.


When a lecture entitled “The Germans in Colonial Times” will be delivered by former Lieutenant Governor Emil Baensch of Manitowoc, Wisconsin.

Judge Beansch was born and has always resided in Manitowoc. He was admitted to the bar in 1882; founded the Lake Shore Times, a Republican newspaper, in 1881; has contributed to a number of publications; has delivered addresses before a number of societies in Wisconsin; has held several offices at Manitowoc including county judge; and filled the office of lieutenant governor of Wisconsin two terms. The subject chosen is a hobby of his and has been delivered in several cities in the state. It was prepared long before the present war began. Come and bring a friend. The lecture will be free.

      The annual election of officers will occur.

H. E. COLE, Pres.      H. K. PAGE, Sec. MRS. EDWARD V. ALEXANDER, Treas.


Oct. 22, 1915      “The Germans in Colonial Times” by Hon. Emil Baensch

Commerce and emigration brought many Germans to America and the larger part played in the early history of the country was full exemplified. While Germans had no part in the discovery of America, one of her professors, Waldsee Mueller, gave the new world its name. Germany sent more people to American than any other country of continental Europe. The speaker stated that his investigations showed abundant evidence of the Germans locating in New England. The character of these emigrants was discussed; their deep religious sentiment was touched upon, their educational work was mentioned and the character of some of the strong personalities was analyzed. Mr. Baensch’s address manifested clearly that he had given the subject much though and wide research.

At the close a vote of thanks was given Mr. Baensch for the scholarly effort and all spoke in the highest terms of the way in which he had developed the subject.