Terbilcox Collection

Photos loaned to copy 2005

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Newport Gas Station, c. 1929. “Filling Station at Old Newport Resort on Lower Dells, County Trunk -A,

       Baraboo, Wis. 2-29". Now site of Ho Chunk village. Man is Frank Terbilcox (Sr.). City Service gas

       station with old style gas pumps where you pump gas into top and gravity feed to car tank. Price

       was about 15-19 cents a gallon. Mayor Carl Hornung of Baraboo was the City Service Bulk Plant


Autos, Baraboo, c. 1908-1910, R-L: Orrin Philbrick, Buick/Chev/Cadillac; Fred Terbilcox,

       Yellow Cab Co., bought out Sherm Luce Livery (horses); Toby Clavadatcher (Witwen area?); John

       Von Wald, Jeweler; Dr. Irwin, M.D.? Located on Baraboo National Bank corner, 3rd & Oak streets.

       Businesses, R-L: Baraboo National Bank, John Von Wald Jewelry store (before he moved a block

       north); Jim Ryan Barber Shop, may have lived upstairs; Ross Floral Shop, Ernie T. Ross, Capt. of

       Fire Dept., then rented to Frank Terbilcox Jr. 1952-1955. Frank then built new retail store at

       greenhouse, 302 8th St. (1955); Alley way; Upstairs, Harold Langer Law office & Clyde Cross

       joined him and John Terbilcox went on his own and had an office over Ross Floral Shop. Also,

       upstairs were the offices of Dr. C.R. Pearson and Dr. Vandercamp. [Photo and information from

       Frank W. Terbilcox, E13524 Van Hoosen Rd., Baraboo. Loaned to copy 12-2005.

Loaned to copy June 200

Engine, Baraboo. “Baraboo Depot. Grandpa John Terbilcox (Engineer) 1860-1930. Engine for

       Northwestern R.R. Emigrated from Cornwall, England. Chicago to Elroy route. Father of Frank,

       Fred, Bernice (Jeffries, Schaclt). Wife Oddesa (Crowle), married St. Endor Parish, Cornwall, Eng.

       Buried Walnut Hill Cemetery.”

Van Orden Letter. Letter from Jacob Van Orden to Frank Terbilcox.

Engines Crash. “A Cornfield Meet. From Engineer John Terbilcox on Northwestern our of Baraboo.

Choir Boys. Harold “Lefty” Pierce, Howie Hill, Jack Stewart, Keith Osborne, Frank Terbilcox, Schuyler

       Van Orden. c. 1940. Acclytes at Trinity church for George G. Schiffmayer

Timme Mill. Mirror Lake above Timme Mill, L.D. c. 1930's.

Terbilcox Home. Note sign above door. Hometown of John & Odessa Terbilcox (Thebilcock). Came to

       Baraboo from St. Columb, Cornwall (England) in 1870. John was R.R. Engineer for the

       Northwestern R.R. and father and mother of Frank Alfred Terbilcox & Bernice Terbilcox (Schacht-

      Ray Jefferies.