Steinhorst Photo List

Photos loaned to copy by Barb Steinhorst (S4316 Hackbarth Rd., Reedsburg) at the Oral History presentation, sponsored by the SCHS, and held at the Reedsburg Library, March 27, 2008.

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Chicken & Bike. Alvin Gugle’s bike and chicken on Herritz Rd., Reedsburg.

Decot. Barb Decot and father. Reedsburg Dairy Days photo booth, 1950.

Gugle Buggy. Adeline Gugle in buggy, on Herritz Rd., Reedsburg, 1910's.

Gugle Farm. Threshing crew. On Herritz Rd., Reedsburg. 1910's.

Harms & Friends. William Harms on left. In back yard with friends in Reedsburg. 1899 or 1900.

William died in the Spanish American War of malaria.