Stackhouse-Hanley Photo List

Ladies, Three. “Aunt Sis” (Grandfather Wm Stackhouse Er. Sister) Taken Aug. 14, 1927

Stackhouse, Elmer Family. Wife, Sadie “Sarah”. Children, Verna & Sybil.

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Bellvue House. In Bellvue, PA. Uncle Pete’s home. Grandad Stackhouse on porch.

Stackhouse Brothers. W. Stackhouse Sr. (seated). Geo. Stackhouse (oldest). Andy, youngest and    sister Sophia. Stackhouse, Alexander.

Stackhouse, John. Cousin from Pittsburg, PA.

Lewis, John. And wife (Aunt Sue) from Pittsburg, PA.

Stackhouse, John 2. Cousin from Pittsburg, PA. (Aunt Sue), later married J.E. Lewis.

Stackhouse, Family 1. Back: Wm Stackhouse Sr., Wife Philippena Werron Stackhouse. Front: Sophia Stackhouse Alexander, Andrew Stackhouse, George Stackhouse. All children of Peter & Sophia (Staubons) Stackhouse.

Stackhouse, John. Uncle Henry Alexander, Alvin Alexander, Lusetta Fosdick, John Stackhose (cousin from Pittsburg). Taken 1936.

Stackhouse, Andy 2. Born to the PA Andy Stackhouse.

Stackhouse, WM Sr. Shortly after his return from the Civil War, 1865.

Stackman, Emma. “Aunt Em” child of Wm Stackhouse & a Fosdick, who was his 1st wife.

Stackhouse, Andrew. Andrew left for Watertown, SD with Wolford. But Andrew had been there         before. (Baraboo Republic Dec. 7, 1887 reported this). Andrew had returned home a week           earlier. The two young men returned Dec. 5, 1888. Andrew ill Jan. 16, 1889. Died Feb. 6, 1889, at           age 22. Son of Wm & Philapena Stackhouse.

Stackhouse Family 2. Taken at the old Stackhouse farm home in Westfield. Back Row: Maud, Bess, Fred, Ernest, Will, Aimee. Center Row: Emma, Gertie, Gust., Dad & Mother. Front Row: Phil,    Ben, Harve, Gala, Nell.

Rock Elm School. On Hwy D, Westfield Twp. L-R, 1st Row: Phil Stackhouse, Billy Simon, Ernest Stackhouse, Art Schulte, Louie Drueger, Harry Vertein, Ben Stackhouse, Erv Schulte, Paul Rumpf, Nellie Stackhouse, Alice Rumpf, Stella Rumpf. 2nd Row: Nettie Vertein, Nellie Patterson, Sarah Patterson Rumph, Emma Schulte, Edith Rumpf, Vina Hammermeister.

Stackhouse, Wm Family 1883. Top Row, L-R: Wm Jr., Andrew, Emma Stackhouse Stoeckman, Peter or Johnnie. Seated: Phillipena (Werren) Stackhouse, Clara Bessie Stackhouse Stephen, Maud Minna Stackhouse Hanley, Fred Amanuel Stackhouse, Wm Stackhouse Sr.

Stackhouse Family Home. The old Westfield home & the family, William & Phillipena. Father & Mother. Fred, Ernest, Ben, Phil, Maud Nell, Bess.

Girls Four. Viney Hammermeister, Bess Stackhouse, Edith Rumpf, Cora Alexander.

Group 2: Top, L-R: Hattie Wyman, Dan Shultie, George Hammermaster, Sana Rumpf, Pence Alexander. Second Row, L-R: Cora Buge, John Simon, Bessie Stackhouse, Fred Stackhouse, Della       Rumpf. On floor: Edith Rumpf, Vine Woodworth.

Ladies Aid: Mrs. Eleanor Weidman, Mrs. Fred Brooks, Mrs. Ninneman, Mrs. Will Alexander (Frieda), Mrs. LaVerne Weidman Graham, Mrs. John (Sarah) Rumpf, Mrs. Fred Simon, Mrs. Phil Gruff, Mrs. Wm Stackhouse, Mrs. Mary Simon Schultz. Taken at our home in Westfield.

Stackhouse, Phil & Sullivan, Bernie (driver).

Stackhouse, Fred & Ice Wagon. August Platt ice wagon.

Stackhouse, Wm W. In C&NW conductor uniform. 1940.

Stackhouse, Aimee. Married Wm Jr. Children: Elizabeth (Lovey), Kinsley.

Stackhouse home 1. 724 8th Ave. Baraboo

Stackhouse home 2. 725 8th Ave. Baraboo. 1-22-1940

Stackhouse, Philapena. Old hop house in rear, down block from 724 8th Ave., Baraboo.