Spiehr Photo List


Christophe & Conradina. Spiehr, in their garden, c. 1900, Sauk City

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A Poem. From Carl Samuel Tekodor Beyer, of Rehna, Sep. 11, 1818, in German.

Letter, Christophe Spier. Short statement in German signed by A. Bottcher, about Christophe Spier, age

       3 or 4. Signed June 25, 1818, Rehna.

Spiehr, Christophe. 1818-1903, early founder of Sauk City & Park Hall. Photo c. 1880's, taken in

       Chippewa Falls, where his daughter, Bertha Spiehr Howieson, lived.

Howieson, Walter. Son of Bertha Spiehr & Charles Howieson. He was a painter & musician. Had his

       own mandolin orchestra in Milwaukee. Died of TB at age of 21.

Spiehr, Bertha. Age 25, Winona, MN, Normal School, June 1883

Spiehr, Conradina. Conradina Bierschwaler Spiehr, 1836, early founder of Sauk City. Photo c. 1880's.

Spiehr, Bertha, Teacher. Age 23. Taught at school in Lincoln, Nebraska, c. 1881. May be adult to far


Spiehr, Bertha, School, back.

Howieson, Clara. Daughter of Bertha Spiehr Howieson. Born Oct. 1890. Died in her early 30's of TB.

       “One week less than 6 months, Sep. 25, 1891. First birthday, six teeth, made 3 steps alone today.

       Grandma was up for dinner, baby planted plum tree.”

Howieson, Clara & Flora. Clara, 3 years, 1 month; Flora, 1 year, born Oct. 15, 1892. “Flora entered

       Williams B. College at Milwaukee after going 1 year to the Kenosha High School. Took her first

       position in 1911 at Reik’s. Clara entered Chippewa Falls Business College, Sep. 1908 after going 2

       years to the High School. Took her first position in Ienosha with Buchmaster, stayed there until we

       moved to ___ where she entered the Johnsons & Co. As ___.”

Howieson, Clara & Flora, back. See above.

Old Settlers. Of Sauk City. “Sauk City Reunion”. Bertha Spiehr Howieson, standing in the last row,

      5th from right.

Church Record. Possibly of births.

Free Thinkers Receipt. Christophe Spiehr joined the Milwaukee Free Thinkers Society on May 24,

       1869. He paid $5. This is the receipt. He gave $5 to the Milwaukee Frei Gemeinde toward a new

       hall and was made an honorary member.

Spiehr, Christophe Naturalization. Papers, issued in Sauk Co., Baraboo, Circuit Court on April 18, 1854.

       He was a native of Mecklenburg, Germany.

Census 1900. Sauk City, Christophe Spiehr.

Howieson, Bertha, Death Cert., daughter of Christophe Spiehr.

Names. From unidentified photo

Spiehr Home. Sauk City.

Spiehr, Christopher, note. Signed by A. Bottcher about Christopher at age 3 or 4. 1819, Rehna.

Spiehr, Christopher, Birth Record. In German.

Farewell Poem. A farewell note from Christophe’s sister, with a ring of her braided hair and ribbon bow

       attached. Written in German. Translation: “Soon you will be far from my heart. Alas, brother, how

       hard is the parting–separated from me by land and by sea, but my heart is forever thine–Oh

       remember precious brother mine.” In memory of your sister, Louise Loy, Schwartau, April 8, 1847.

Howieson, Bertha. C. 1889.


Helf Family. L-R: ?, Bob Helf, Bertha & Tom Helf. Milwaukee, 1927.

Spiehr, Hulda. “Ida Spiehr, Bertha Spiehr Howieson’s sister-in-law. Married Carl (Charles) Spiehr,

       Bertha’s brother.”

Spiehr, Christophe & Conradia. Came from Germany and settled in Sauk City.

Building. Perhaps in Sauk City, c. 1920's.

Reunion 1922, Sauk City, large group of people

Spiehr, Unknown. Chrisophe Spiehr’s brother.

Bertha’s Aunt. Sister of Grandpa Spiehr.

Grandpa Spiehr.

German Newspaper Article

Reverse Side. Back side of 6 photos

Reverse Side 2. Back side of 4 photos.

Reverse Side 3. Back side of 4 photos.

Reverse Side 4. Back side of 3 photos.

Spiehr, Henry. Only brother of Carl Spiehr. Died at 3 years of age. Photo taken after death.

Spiehr, Louise & Bertha. c. 1920's. Seated: Bertha Spiehr Howieson; Standing: her sister, Louise Spiehr


Spiehr, Charles. When a small boy. Bertha’s brother. Son of Christophe Spiehr.

Spiehr, Bertha 1884. 23 years old.

Spiehr, Charles, 1883. Bertha’s brother.

Spiehr, Bertha, 1870. Bertha Spiehr Howieson, c. 1870 at about age 12.

Spiehr, an uncle. Uncle to Charles Spiehr.

Spiehr, Bertha Howieson. Okanchee, WI. July 1918, 60 years old.

Hailmann, W. Prof. Kindergarten, LaPorte, IN. Mentor and teacher of Bertha Spiehr Howieson.

      A pioneer in early childhood education (Kindergarten).

Weessenbon, Gretchen. Crippled with polio at an early age. Married Fred Wendt & had one boy,

       Frederic, who died at age of 50. Christophe Spiehr’s granddaughter, who was daughter of Louise

       Spiehr Weissenborn.

Howieson, Bertha 2. At summer home of Charles Spiehr at Grayslake, ILL.

Spiehr Home, SC. At Sauk City. Fire had destroyed shop and store next to it.

Weissenborn, Louise & Gretchen. Her daughter. c. 1880's. Chicago.

Weissenborn, Louise. Nee Spiehr. Daughter of Christopher Spiehr. Born 12-6-1882 in Sauk City.

Helf, Tom & Rosella. Nee Lenzen. Tom, greatgrandson of Christopher Spiehr. Graduated from UW in

       June 1951.

Howieson, Flora 1915. Left, c. 1915.

Winona Normal School Class. 1881. Bertha Spiehr, standing in middle of photo.

Document 1 through 11. In German. Probably immigration papers.

Sauk City 1. From Sauk County Historical Society archives.

Sauk City 2. From Sauk County Historical Society archives.