Alice Seiler Photo List

Loaned to Copy Sept. 2007


Ringling Theatre. 1916

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Woolenmill. 1916.

Jorg, Peter & Mary. Mary Schultz Jorg & Peter Jorg.

Jorg House.

Ochsner Park 1. Alice Schultz Seiler on left. Her sister, Sharon Schultz Johnston with 1st cousin

             Jim Holderman on right. Ca. 1953.

Ochsner Park 2. Jim Holderman, 1st Cousin; Alice Schultz Seiler; Sharon Schultz Johnston.

            Ca. 1953

Courthouse. 3 ladies on lawn. 1917.

Jorg Grocery. Man in front. In Baraboo.

Devils Lake. Men. 1917.

Lady on Bridge. Woolen Mill in background. Ca. 1916.

Curry’s Red Sox. Baseball team. 1913.

Telephone Ladies. 1917. Two ladies at a desk with candlestick phone.

Night on 3rd St. Looking east.

Street Workers. Bernard Schultz marked by “x”. Ca. 1900.

Family Reunion. 1964. Standing, Ruth Schultz Topham; Front seat, Alice Schultz Seiler;

            Back seat, Emma “Dolly” Schultz Bartholomeu; with glasses, Sharon Schultz Johnston.

             All sisters. Corner West & 8th Ave.

Lawn Picnic. Linda Bartholomeu & Alice Schultz Seiler. Ca. 1963. Corner West & 8th Ave.

Seiler, Alice. 1960. Age 17. On West St.

Night Gowns. 1917.

Man 1. Dec. 1915.

Man 2. Dec. 1916. On bridge.

Sorg, Mary. Mary Schultz Sorg & ?.

Family Portrait. 1914.

Row of Ladies.

Kids. Martha Briggs, Art & Ruth Schultz, Dolly (Emma) Schultz, Reggi Briggs, Ralph & Harry

       (Sunny) Schultz. Girl in back with straight hair is unknown. Ca. 1940 on 7th Ave.

Sunday School. 1954. Gospel Tabernacle (now Assembly of God). Row 2 on right is Alice

             Schultz (Seiler) next to her little sister, Sharon Schultz (Johnston), next to Sherill Smith,

             then Mrs. Hillestad holding baby, Sandey Hillestadt (Weishoff).

Ladies. Ruth Schultz, Helen Johnson, Jennie Zamzow. 1964. Corner West & 8th Ave.

Devil’s Lake 2. Three ladies. 1917.

Babies. 1916.

Kids 2. Judy Newman, Alice & Sharon Schultz. 1947.


Telephone Office. 1916.

Operators. Inside telephone office in Baraboo.

Telephone Operators. At the Dells, Sep. 28, 1916.

Schultz Family. Harry & Ruth Schultz with daughters, Alice & Sharon & Poochie the dog.

            Ca. 1950. On hill by 400 9th Ave. Man on left unknown.

Ochsner Park 3. 1st teeter totter, Jerry & Mike Newman; 2nd, Pat & Jim Richards; 3rd, Karen

             Eager & Alice Schultz Seiler. 1952.

Ladies 2. Gunhild Marthine Madland &her 3 daughters. Mimi Briggs & son Melvin. Selma Holderman, Gunhild, Ruth Schultz & daughter Sharon. Ca. 1948 on 7th Ave.

Schultz, Harry Jr. Ca. 1925.

Picnic 1977. Top: Ruth Schultz Topham, Emma Schultz Bartholomew, Doris Schultz, Lynn

             Schultz. Standing: Alice Schultz Seiler Sharon Schultz Johnston. Bottom Photo: Donald

             Topham, Clyde Bartholomew, Harry P. Schultz, Donald Seiler. Back: Kevin Johnston,

             Ralph Schultz, Art Schultz.

Schultz, Harry. Veteran’s Day 2004.

Labor Day 1, 1977. Top: Steve Seiler fishing at uncle Art’s Place, by Baraboo River.

            Bottom: Cousins Joel Johnston & Steve Seiler.

Labor Day 2, 1977. Top, L: On Water St., Sandy & Alice Seiler, Sharon Johnston, Lynn Schultz

             (kicking), Ruth Topham. Top, R: Sara Johnston. Bottom: Joel & Sara Johnston &

             grandma Ruth Schultz.

Labor Day 3, 1977. Top, L: Alice Schultz Seiler & Sandy Seiler by Baraboo River.

            Top, R: Mrs. Ruth Madland Schultz. Bottom: Harry P. Schultz, Don Seiler.

Labor Day 4, 1977. Top, L: Helen Schultz Johnson. Top, R: Harry Paul Schultz (Sunny).

            Bottom: By Baraboo River.

Baraboo River, 207. Art & Harry Schultz’s buildings are down and city park not yet there.

Schultz, Helen. (Johnson). Ca. 1917. At 1015 West St., Baraboo.

Madland, Paul & Marthine. Paul (1883-1969), Marthine (1884-1969). Married in Norway.

            Taken ca. 1940's, 7th Ave., Baraboo, 1 block from 1st ward school.

Briggs, Reginald Sr. And Reg. Jr. In 1939 on 6th Ave. Working for Gem City Dairy. Ca. 1939.

Softball Champs. 1981. Ladies softball team.