Gordon Schuette Photo List

Copied Nov. 2007


Centennial Parade in Baraboo, 1965

Parade, 249-2007A. Federated Belles Quilting Bee

Screen Shot 2018-06-09 at 8.50.03 AM.png

Parade, 249-2007B. Federated Belles Quilting Bee

Museum, 249-2007C. American Photography Museum. On Water St.

Parade, 249-2007D. Antique Car.

Ladies, 249-2007E. L-R: Faye Behnke, Frances Smith, ?

Parade, 249-2007F. Pioneer Wagon.

Parade, 249-2007G. Federated Belles Quilting Bee. Faye Behnke (Mrs. Lawrence), Frances

             Smith (Mrs. M.C. Smith)

Parade, 249-2007H. Flag Float

Parade, 249-2007I. Christian Float.

Parade, 249-2007J. “Uncle Sam”. Eugene Madlon, Mayor of Baraboo.

Parade, 249-2007K. Antique fire engine & clowns.

Parade, 249-2007L. Antique Car and clown.

Parade, 249-2007M. Ambulance.

Museum, 249-2007N. American Photography Museum. On Water St.

Parade, 249-2007O. Herman Seufzer & May in 1906 Cadillac.

Parade, 249-2007P. Elks Float.

Parade, 249-2007Q. Spirit of ‘76 float.

Parade, 249-2007R. Float.

Parade, 249-2007S. Antique Car.

Parade, 249-2007T. “La Bateau Francaise” float.

Parade, 249-2007U. Float.

Parade, 249-2007V. Antique Auto of E.A. Madalon.

Parade, 249-2007W. Antique Fire Engine.