SCHS Has A Mobile App!

Along with a new website, the Sauk County Historical Society also has a new app. From the app you can manage your membership; purchase books, CDs, and photos; keep updated on events; view the hundreds of photos carefully digitized over the years by Bill Schuette; and read the many articles found on the SCHS website – all with a tap.

There are two easy ways to get the app!

  • iPhone and iPad: Open your camera and center it over the QR code.

  • Android and tablet: Open in the search window of your mobile device.

Then just add the app to your home screen (see below)

Why an app? While not everyone owns a Smartphone, statistics show that 95% of Americans own a cellphone, with 77% of those individuals owning Smartphones. Those who own Smartphones most often purchase items and and gain information by tapping on an app rather than by searching for a website. Apps simply allow individuals to find out what they need anytime-anywhere. Apps also allow for push notifications, which means reminders for events and updates on the latest SCHS happening can be sent out immediately to everyone who has added the app to their home screen, keeping people in the know in a timely way.

Explore the app on your own! Open the QR code or link on your mobile device, iPad, or tablet and discover Sauk County’s incredible history with a tap.


Adding the App to Your Home Screen

Open the app. Then follow the directions for the type of phone you have to add it to your home screen. It’s quick and easy! Once opened, you can share the app with friends and family via a text message or email by just tapping the share button on your phone.

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