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Sauk City

Sauk County Historical Society

Photographic Collection

Alfred C., (Class) portrayed in 1876

Banks, UN1294, Valley Bank, Sauk City

Bridge Dedication, in Sauk City?

Carrying Ballot Box

Dinner at Park Hall

Emily Crusius, Wife of editor

Fair Valley Store, 2-2006B, L-R: Christiana (nee Zeeh) Mrs. Henry Lodde, Monroe, Donnie

            (kid), Hazel, Henry Lodde. Photo donated by Mike Bryan, a relative of Hazel.

Firehouse Museum, 16-2001LJ

First Free Thinker’s Hall, c. 1890

Foundry, UN739, pre-1900

Free Thinkers Hall, 2-2002DK, c. 2000

Hotel, Astor House, UN2063, Sauk City, 1925

Hotel, Astor House, UN1019, Sauk City, 1925

Hotel, Curtis Hotel, UN1021, Sauk City, at stop & go light

Parade, 2-2002CF, 1907, Canning Company

Parade, UN634, “Up To Date Auto Supply” float c. 1920's.

Park Hall, 1884

Physicians, 19-1993P6 [C39-P6], Dr. Harold Bachuber of Sauk City

Red Cross, Benefit play. Back: Bill Shorer Jr., ?, Orrin “Jiggers” Bisbee, Laura Cooper, ?, Gerry Reuter, ?, Ray Brilliott. Kneeling: ?, Florian Reuter, Ted Curtis, Clarence Reuter, Roland Bach, Mark Bach. Sitting: R. Marquardt, Gordon Rischmueller, ?, Ferdinand Henning.

RR Bridge, 1-2008D. 4-14-2002. Built in 1880.

RR Bridge, 1-2008E. 4-14-2002. Built in 1880.

RR Bridge, 1-2008F. 4-14-2002. Built in 1880.

RR Bridge, 1-2008G. 4-14-2002. Built in 1880.

Sauk Power Dam, 2-2006O, at Sauk City, c. 1924