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Ableman Wreck, UN1922, damaged engine at Ableman (Rock Springs) 1884

Ableman Wreck, UN1894, damaged engine at Ableman (Rock Springs), 1884

Baraboo Depot, UN221, old depot, c.1900, just before being moved

Baraboo Engine 683, 64-1964B, in Baraboo Freight yard, 1896, Engineer W.H. Clark in light clothes

             (died 1924)

Baraboo Railroad Yard, UN220, about 500' south of roundhouse

Baraboo Wreck, 28-1957G, 1889 in Lyons over Baraboo River

Baraboo Wreck, UN1132, 1889 in Lyons over Baraboo River

Baraboo Yard, 16-2001BR, cars, enlargement of postcard

Baraboo Yards, UN1368, engine

Bbo Depot Interior. E-mailed from Rick Eilertson. Shows interior of one of the offices on the

            2ndfloor of the Passenger Depot. The photo now belongs to my wife's (Yenti's) mother

            Sharon Terry (maiden name Krueger). This photo shows Sharon's grandfather, Arthur F.

 Krueger (aka "Pops") at his office desk on the second floor on the west end of the Depot.

 Pops was an accountant for C&NW. Sharon noted that Pops was transferred to the

 Madison in 1933 or 1934, so this would have been before that (likely sometime between 1910 and 1933). Later he transferred to the Chicago office and retired in 1955 after working 48 years for the railroad

Bartley, 7-19635, Mr. Bartley on engine #3035

Bridge, Merrimac, 43-1958 [A3-122], Steam train crossing the river

Bridge, Merrimac, UN1159, Men on track of bridge over Lk. Wisconsin at Merrimac

Bridges, 10-1998Q31, Bridge over Wisconsin River near Adams

Car Shops, Baraboo, 2-2003JS, from collection of Emma Weibel. Stepfather worked as carpenter

 here...put in refrigeration units.

Crew, 7-1963Q (B3-33Q), Nelson Bartley, Sherm York, c. 1945 at Winona Yards, MN

Depot, Baraboo, UN1990

Baraboo Depot, 2-2002Z

Baraboo Depot, 16-2001QF, old frame building

Baraboo Depot, 16-2001QJ

Baraboo Depot, 16-2001QK

Baraboo Yards, Turntable, 2-2003GO, c. 1912. Martin (Martinus) Dyrud in engine cab.

Depot, Baraboo, 10-1998Q9, people waiting for the train

Depot, Baraboo, 16-2001CQ, c. 1912

Depot, Baraboo, UN1895, and engine (No. 597, 4-4-0), before 1900

Depot, LaValle, UN462

Depot, 2-2004JQ, small depot or shed along the tracks

Employees, UN1906, before 1900, Baraboo roundhouse crew, Fred Kessler is 3rd from left in back row

Engine #520, 2-1964

Engine, 20-1950

Engine, 20-1950, The St. Clair, (same as UN1944)

Engine, 64-1964A [H-23-40B1], Engineer, Wm H. Clark in cab., c. 1890, at Necedah

Engine #1416, 7-1963R [B3-33R], at Baraboo in front of roundhouse. c. 1907/08.

Engine #1385, 16-2001RR, from Mid-Continent Museum, N.F., 1961

Engine @ Aleman, UN1894, damaged engine, 1884, donated by Mrs. Mary Purcell

Engine @ Ableman, UN1922, damaged engine, 1884

Engine, Baraboo, 16-2001PO, in roundhouse

Engine House, Baraboo, 16-2001PB, copy from Mona Larsen

Engine, UN219, Engine #740

Engine #733, UN223, front view

Engine, UN1367, Engine #807 at Baraboo Yards

Engine, UN1911, #733, 0-6-0, Six wheel switcher, Baraboo switching service, 1895

Engine, St. Clair, UN1944, (same as 20-1950)

Engine, Dodgeville, 2-2003GN, between Dodgeville & Monfort, WI. Martin (Martinus) Dyrud

             standing in engine cab.

Engine off track. Loaned to copy by Betty Tourdot. Engine and cars ran off tracks.

Engineers, UN1883, (tintype) c. 1876, C&NW locomotive engineers, including John Fellows

Engines, 15-1990B6 [M-35B6], unknown location

Hand Car, 19-1950DD [R10-23BOD], Man on handcar, location unknown

Hand Car, 113-1950 [R10-23BU], location unknown

Locomotive, 16-2001ET, first locomotive to reach Baraboo in 1871

Locomotive, UN155, Steam engine with train, unidentified location

Merrimac Bridge, 2-2004BE [A32-2003], 1878, built by the Leighton Bridge & Iron Works Co.,

             Rochester, N.Y. Total length of Iron Work 1,718 feet 5 5/8 inches. Pivot Draw 200 feet.

             Donated by Philip J. Altpeter, June 27, 2000.

Merrimac Bridge, 2-2004BD [A32-2003], 1878, with engine and train on bridge, built by the

Leighton Bridge & Iron Works Co., Rochester, N.Y. Total length of Iron Work 1,718 feet 5 5/8 inches. Pivot Draw 200 feet. Donated by Philip J. Altpeter, June 27, 2000.

N.S.Quarry?, 16-2001QH, engine and cars

North Western Hotel, 16-2001JE, railroad hotel

Platform, Devils Lake, UN1944, C&NW Railroad engine at platform

Roundhouse, Baraboo, UN1154, c. 1904, engine # 392 ran off the turntable

Roundhouse, 16-2001UD, at Baraboo, interior view

Roundhouse, UN660, at Baraboo?,

R.R. Bridge @ Merrimac, 43-1958 [A3-122], steam engine and train crossing the bridge

R.R. Bridge @ Merrimac, UN1159, across Wisconsin River, men on tracks

Railroad Yard, 117-1950 [R10-23BY], Unidentified, from Risley Collection

Train Logo. This is of an artifact owned by Barney Kedrowski and found near his home in

            Wisconsin Rapids. It is a logo for the Brotherhood of Locomotive Engineers and was

            owned by William C Clark of Baraboo. These logos were affixed to the front of an

            engine by the engineer. This was discontinued when engineers were assigned to various

            engines and so were not always paired with the same engine. We do not know if this was

            an award, something he ordered himself or anything of its story. But it does have a local

            tie in that Wm Clark was a Baraboo engineer on the C&NW. Here is a picture of the

            railroad artifact with W.H. Clark's name stamped in the top. The brass wheel is 6-1/2" in

       diameter. Barney Kedrowski, Wisconsin Rapids, WI, January 2009. Photo sent to us.

Train, R10-23BZ [118-1950], #690 steam train going over bridge. (T.F. Risley collection)

Train Stop, 119-1950EE [R10-23BEE], unknown location

Trains, UN1218, Engine & caboose, May 20, 1963.

Viaduct, Baraboo, 16-2001HZ, building stone viaduct, looking E., S. of Baraboo, near

             Crawford’s Crossing

Weather, UN1213, C&NW narrow gauge, woodman to Fennimore, WI after a flood by the Wisconsin River, c. 1890's.

Work Train, 84-1941 [B4-21B], engine and caboose in Lodi, WI, Mr. Bliss’ work train

Work Train, 84-1941B [B4-21B], at small Summit depot (supposedly Mr. Bliss’ work train)

             donated by Bell Bliss

Workers, 393-2004, at shop in Baraboo. Aug. 1898. Front: Morrie Jones, Al Stone, Lyman

             Potter, Ed Hiller, Mike Coughlin, John VanPelt. Second Row: ?, Tom Shiels, Claude

Richards, Case Newell, Martin Pierce, Adolph Andro, Hank Watson, Herman King, Louie Zantow. Third Row: Wm Loy, Gottlieb Claus (Foreman, Carpenter), Jim Huger, Tom Erickson (General Foreman), Geo. Blank (Store Keeper), Joe Herfort, Jack Falery?, Jess Woodworth, Aug. Lichtenbert, Joe Egerer. Fourth Row: Harry Sly, Cyrus Blanchett (Truck gang), ?, Geo. Whomes (Spring maker), Fred Wigelow, Everet Selmerder, Juliur Stonner,  J. Fowler, ___ Klemm, ?, Carl Degrud?, Fred Hulbert, Chas. Gloyd, Lenard Coats, August Schahauser. Top Row: Otto Schulz, Aug. Ziegler - Fred Raiser, Wm Zook, Ed Gust, Cowdy Young (Foreman boilermaker), ?, Chas. Gollmar, Barney Burus, Frank Lynch, Chas. Page. Above: Wm Dickerson (Time keeper).

Wreck, Baraboo, 2-2002EF, Freight train (loaded with wheat, flax seed, flour,

             barley) west of Island Woolen mill across Baraboo River. 51car train & 24 plunged into


Wreck, UN1099, Lyons (W. Baraboo), on old bridge W. of woolen mill, above dam, c. 1890

Wreck, Baraboo, 416-2004, Nov. 1891. E.J. Gless, rear brakeman; Len Alma, head brakeman.

C&NW Historical Society Collection

from: Joe Piersen, 1343 Knollwood Rd., Deerfield, IL 60015

Obtained 10-30-03

Baraboo Depot 1918, from the archives of the Circus World Museum. [Get their permission if photo is used]

Baraboo Roundhouse 1871, Roundhouse and engine terminal.  Turntable is covered so that snow cannot fall into the pit.  The windmill is used to pump water into the water tank.  The tank itself is leaking and so is covered with ice, which might make it difficult to get water into the engines.  The wood pile nearby may indicate some wood-burner engines, though by that year most engines were being converted to coal.  The size of the roundhouse indicates that it would have been built over a span of several months, and trains likely brought in much of the material.  Our roundhouse book indicates that it was indeed built in 1871, then stalls added in 1879, then expanded outward in the rear in 1903 and 1909.  By 1929 it started to shrink as parts were removed.


Reedsburg 1948, depot. Original negative owned by Ray Buhrmaster, 1436 Gilbert Ave., Downers Grove, IL 60515. [Get his permission if photo is used]