Radtke Photo List

Wm Radtke Collection

Donated to copy Nov. 2010

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Ringling Parade. “One of the first parades of the Ringling Bros. Circus. *Wisconsin   House, now removed & Ringling Theatre built there. /Shoe Repair Shop. O  Kinzelman bldg.

First Ward School Fire 1,2

Ringling Theatre.

Warren Hotel. 4th & Oak St. Early 1900. Hotel built in 1877.

N Side Square, BBO. Ca. late 1930’s.

Store Fronts, BBO. The Park Resturant, Kunselmen’s Ice Cream Parlor.

Home, Manchester St. South of Pumping Station.

Street Gathering. In front of Palace Barber Shop. Round sign says, in part, No. 47, Reedsburg.

Courthouse Fire. “Winter of 1905. Burning of County Courthouse.”

Home, Elizabeth St. “Dad on horse. Mom & Dad lived here. 1906 or 1907.”

Presbyterian SS Class. Around 1909. 1. Mrs. Edward’ 2. Her son, Ed; 3. Wm F.        Radtke; 4. Mrs. Henke.

Devi Bara 1-8.

Kindergarten 1910. Dec. 15, 1910.

Reedsburg Fire 1957.

Courthouse Winter.

Devils Lake. North Shore beach.

Kelly, John 1. At cottage, Sept. 1951.

Dearborn Scouts. L-R: Lloyd Lamberton, Kenneth Lamberton

     Clarence Sanderson, Bill Radtke, Claude Hanson, Lester Steenbrck, Don Buehler (back right).

Six Men. Ca. 1911. 1. Milton Lewis; 2. Artie Rich; 3. Slim Loveland; 4. Mark Case;    5. Ed Buehler; 6. Wm J. Radtke. 115 3rd Ave., Baraboo.

Radtke, Wm E. Capt. 1918-1919.

Lady 33 & 12. Ca. 1920’s. Standing on 2nd Ave.Baraboo.

Kelly, John 2.

Radtke & Prothero. Bill Radtke & Claere Prothero.

Lady on 4th Ave. March 1923