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R. J. Keller

Camp Porte Foy,

Brest, France

Jan. 23, 1919

Baraboo News

Baraboo, Wis.


In the future please send the “Weekly News” to the 245 Military Police Company in place of the 116 Ambulance Company.

With a number of others from the 29 Division I was transferred to the Military Police. Our company is now doing M.P. duty at Brest; and it looks as if it would be a matter of months before we will be able to give a satisfactory answer to the question, “When do we go home?” In the meantime all news from the Home town will be welcome.

Last year it rained 330 out of a possible 365 days at Brest. From this you can plainly see that all parts of “Sunny France” are not “sunny.”

General Pershing will arrive at Brest this afternoon and remain here for three days.

We are quartered in a two story barrack between two high walls once used as fortifications, and about 100 yards from the Atlantic ocean.

While you people are working the furnaces to keep warm this winter I shall be enjoying life “by the seashore somewhere in Brest.”

Yours very truly

R.J. Keller

Priv. R.J. Keller

245 M.P.Co.

Am. E.F. Via N.Y.

A.P.O. 716

Brest, France