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Prairie du Sac

Sauk County Historical Society

Photographic Collection


Baxter House, UN1044,

Bird’s Eye, 2-2003DS, 1860

Briggs House, 16-2001AA

Briggs House, UN1085, erected c. 1854, stood across street & SW end of concrete bridge.

             Operated by N.H. Briggs & son, Oscar E. Briggs, relatives of Claire Briggs the cartoonist.

Busy Corner, 2-2004BV, 1922, Neg

German Church, 14-2004KD, German Reform Church, town of Prairie du Sac, 1909,


Sumpter Book Collection photos]

Grotophorst Home, 16-2001KD, home of Richard Grotophorst, 1908

Homecoming Picnic, 14-2005F, at Marion Park, 1907, [from Sumpter Book Collection photos]

High Water, 2-2004BW, Oct. 12, 1911, Neg.

New High School, 14-2005DM, under construction, [from Sumpter Book Collection photos]

Park Ave., 14-2005G, homes, [from Sumpter Book Collection photos]

Sauk Prairie Power Dam, 2-2004R, c. 1916

Sauk Prairie Power Dam, 2-2004S, c. 1916