Percy G. Loomis

Camp Shelby

Dec 7, 1918

Dear Mother

       Well I’ve been to a free movie to night to the Y and now I’ve stopped at the KC Hall I just came from the canteen I was transferred Tuesday to the Recruit Supply Company I am driving a big bay team it is a good job I hauled two loads of bread this forenoon and ice this afternoon all I do is drive and the other fellows load and unload so I have a snap sit on the seat from the time I leave the correl (sic) until I get back, I have done some washing but I can send it to a laundry if I want to I had a piece of peach pie and a piece of raisin yesterday I get supper about five o’clock and then I am at liberty not any chores after five there’s about 8,000 horses in camp and heaps of mules and negroes I was too the Y the last two nights too a lecture Thursday and an impersonater (sic) last night he was great could mimic anything from Abe Lincoln to a child or an old maid it is always free. I see quite a lot of Camp on my job now I got five letters two Thursday and three Friday we had a lot of pears for supper, we get enough to eat, I guess I wont get any drilling I would like about two or three weeks at it tell all hello, How is Grandma write all the news, it is sad about Cecil I got my pay in cash $36.50 Thursday, we can buy candy apples pie cake and all most anything we want to the canteen, There is a boy in my tent by the name of Hanson from Wis.

       Answer soon

       Percy G Loomis

       7 Company Recruit Depot

       Camp Shelby Hattiesburg, Mississippi


Cecil that I speak of is a cousin died in France of the Influenza Cecil Wayne Newell

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