Opperman Photo List

Lyle Opperman Collection


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Loaned to Copy – Jan. 2012


Mr. Opperman obtained these photos at the Baraboo Woolen Mill auction in the 1960’s.


Ball Park. I.W.C. ballpark east of plant across Baraboo River.


City Water Pipe Connection. October, 1911. [A] Steam pipe supplying engine in basement of shop used for pumping out trail race and running generator. [B] 4” suction pipe connected to pump in shop basement.  City rotary pump was installed east of dye house, both pumps used part of the time. Gas engine for city pump. [D] Jim pole for placing draft tube and timbers.


Draft Tube. October 1911. Names, left-right: Fred Smith, W. H M., Ted Howard, Amiel Smith, Frank Foster, Bill Patrick.


Office 1. Reception desk inside front door.

Office 2. Close-up of Office 1.

Office 3. Close-up of Office 1.

Office 4. Close-up of Office 1.

Office 5. Close-up of Office 1.


Office Bldg 1. Woolen Mill office building.

Office Bldg 2. Close-up of Office Bldg 1.


Spillway. July 1913. Built, Oct.1913. 21” vertical wheel power house erected over, 1917.

Spillway Photo Back: Back of “Spillway” photo.