Mueller Photo List

Glass Negative Plates

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c. 1896-1900

Reedsburg & Area

(copied Nov. 2002)


121-2002A      Parade on Main St.

121-2002AA   Two couples

121-2002AB   Three ladies by swing set

121-2002AC   Group of people possibly by a cottage

121-2002AD   Three people posing by a piano

121-2002AE   Two ladies

121-2002AG   Two men seated at pianos

121-2002AH   House

121-2002AI    Portrait of a man

121-2002AJ    Three people in back of a building

121-2002AO   Three ladies in a boat

121-2002AP   Schulte House

121-2002AQ   Civil War soldier in back of building

121-2002AR   Two houses

121-2002AT   House with people outside

121-2002AU   Mueller & Dangel Pharmacy

121-2002AV   Two houses

121-2002AW  East side of Main St., Reedsburg

121-2002AX   Mueller & Dangel Pharmacy, Musical Instruments

121-2002AY   Main Street bridge & dam in winter, Reedsburg

121-2002AZ   House

121-2002B      People in funny masks

121-2002BA   Home, stone on front curb reads “W. Stolte”

121-2002BB   3 people on a bench

121-2002BD   3 men in a boat

121-2002BE    Boat on stream

121-2002BF    3 men in a boat, steel bridge in background

121-2002BG   Man on ladder in back of brick buildings

121-2002BI     Six people in a woods

121-2002BJ    Soda fountain, man back of counter & poss. reflection of photographer in mirror

121-2002BK   Men and boys, possibly playing ball

121-2002BL    Five ladies at soda fountain

121-2002BM  Two ladies at soda fountain

121-2002BN   Two ladies & a man eating watermelon, back of building

121-2002BO   Two ladies & a man eating watermelon at soda fountain

121-2002BP    Four ladies on a porch

121-2002BQ   Four people at soda fountain

121-2002BR   Five ladies and baby at soda fountain

121-2002BS    Eight people in woods above distant stream

121-2002BT    Boat on water

121-2002BU   Three men standing on a rock, probably Devils Lake

121-2002BV   Five people eating watermelon in back of building

Frank Mueller Collection

Glass Negative Plates

c. 1896-1900 Reedsburg & Area

(copied Nov. 2002)


121-2002BX   Family in front yard

121-2002BY   Four couples posing

121-2002BZ    Mueller & Dangel Pharmacy

121-2002C      Mueller & Dangel Pharmacy

121-2002CA   Two couples in a buggy

121-2002CB   Man on bicycle

121-2002CC   Five people on a porch

121-2002CD   Two ladies with bicycles

121-2002CE    Four couples

121-2002CF    Four ladies on a porch

121-2002CI     Four people on a porch

121-2002CJ    Covered wagon on Main Street, in front of Weaver’s Drug Store

121-2002CK   Back alley scene, man, horses

121-2002CL    Main Street looking NW from top of flour mill

121-2002CM  Looking across street from Mueller & Dangel Pharmacy

121-2002D      Men in room

121-2002DN   Interior of a home, plants

121-2002DO   Home

121-2002DP   People fishing from a boat. Water tower in background, possible Reedsburg

121-2002DQ   House along dirt road

121-2001DR   Men working on railroad tracks

121-2002DS   People sitting on a porch

121-2002DT   Long building, possibly a sawmill

121-2002DU   Street with 3 homes, possibly in Reedsburg

121-2002DV   House

121-2002DW  Two men fishing from a boat

121-2002DX   Soldiers marching on Reedsburg Main St., R.P. Outerbridge store in background

121-2002DY   Soldiers in formation in a field (poor photo)

121-2002DZ   Men in field, possibly rifle practice       

121-2002E      People in a glen

121-2002EB    Lawn with hill in background

121-2002EC    Men in field, possibly rifle practice

121-2002ED   Union Army formation in back of old buildings

121-2002EE    Devil’s Lake rocks

121-2002EF    Three men with rifles, four women, all in fancy clothes

121-2002EG   Group of people

121-2002EH   Frame house

121-2002EI     Two men with rifles

121-2002EJ     Flooded land

121-2002EL    Man with rifle

121-2002EM   Three boats with people, possibly near Wisconsin Dells

121-2002EN   People jumping across gap,  Stand Rock in Wis. Dells


Frank Mueller Collection

Glass Negative Plates

c. 1896-1900

Reedsburg & Area

(copied Nov. 2002)


121-2002EO   Portrait of a man

121-2002EQ   Group of people in a room

121-2002ER    People seated on a porch

121-2002ES    Reedsburg Main St., looking across street from Stolte Hotel

121-2002ET    Three women on swings, possibly at a cottage

121-2002EV   Men with rifles shooting into water

121-2002EW   Restaurant, store next door is “Gents Furnishings”, Frank Kleb

121-2002EX   People in a boat

121-2002EZ    People seated on rocks        

121-2002F      Four guys by a piano

121-2002FA   People in a swimming hole

121-2002FB    Men working on a railroad track

121-2002FC    Four men standing on rock at Devil’s Lake

121-2002G      Sleigh in front of Mueller & Dangel Pharmacy

121-2002H      Man riding on railroad tracks with peddle cycle

121-2002I       Four ladies dressed patriotically, at soda fountain

121-2002J       Railroad train

121-2002K      Two horse and buggy’s meet on the road

121-2002L      Man fishing, possibly at Devils Lake

121-2002M     Two men standing by a tree, gun against tree

121-2002N      House, frame

121-2002P      Three ladies in a store

121-2002Q      Rural scene

121-2002S      Four ladies

121-2002T      Families possibly at a cottage

121-2002V      Horse and buggy in country

121-2002W     Picnic

121-2002X      House

121-2002Y      House

121-2002Z      Group of people seated in front of a house, on the lawn