Merriment Goes Around

Old Letter Is Read and Unusual Stories Are Told

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by Those Present, March, 1914

The spacious home of Hon. And Mrs. Frank Avery on Second avenue was thrown open on Wednesday evening to the members of the Sauk County Historical society for a winter picnic and social evening. The residence was built before the civil war and has been the home of Mr. Avery for well nigh sixty years. A blazing fire upon the hearth and the happy welcome given made the evening a most present one. The large dining room was the scene of the picnic supper which was spread at 6 o’clock, each contributing to the menu. Mrs. Avery was assisted by Mrs. B.F. Mille, Mrs. Laura Martin, Mrs. M.H. Mould, Mrs. R.B. Griggs, Mrs. H.F. French, Miss Mary Rugg_s, Miss Dudgeon and others.

An Old Letter

City Clerk J.S. Worthman has come into possession of an old letter written by himself on August 5, 1857 when he was in school in Baraboo then a western village. The letter was written to Lorin Andrews at Mukwonago, the home of Mr. Worthman at that time.

At the opening of the letter he tells of a picnic held in the eastern part of the village, Miss Bevelyn Bassett (now Mrs. B.A. Clark) being the “August Queen”. Miss Bassett was a pupil in the same school. In a letter to Mr. Worthman his friend had said that “one could hardly walk the streets without danger of getting his legs sawed off on account of women and girls wearing hoops.” In his reply Mr. Worthman said that he, poor Jim, had to stand up in class every day between two girls dressed in these awful things. (Great laughter). 

In the letter Mr. Worthman tells about two counterfeiters passing $90 and $100 in Baraboo, mostly on the Northwestern bank of Virginia. The men were followed to Reedsburg where one hid in a barn, was caught and while being searched, dashed away. Two shots were fired after him, he fell both times, but finally got away. The other was taken to the Portage Jail, the stone jail in Baraboo not being completed.

A new bank had just been opened here, The Sauk County bank, the crops looking promising, flour was selling for $4 per 100, wheat was worth 8 to 12 shillings and news was scarce.

New Members Added

Professor and Mrs. A.C. Kingsford, Mrs. Mary A. Andrews, Mrs. H.N. Jennings and Mrs. H.E. Stone became members of the society.

A straw vote was taken on the new ____, the result being found in another piece in this paper.

A committee consisting of Mrs. E. Pfannstiehl?, Mrs. A.F. RR__ner, Mrs. E.B. ____pey was appointed to assist Joseph Johnson? in making the exhibit at the county fair as attractive as possible.

The erection of the tablet on the site of the first church built in the Baraboo Valley was discussed. The tablet will be erected this summer. The pilgrimage was also discussed.

City Engineer H.E. French, R.H. Griggs, Mrs. E. Pfannstiehl?, Superintendent A.C. Kingsford and others enlivened the occasion with ______________ anecdotes.

A vote of thanks was extended to the host, hostess and assistants for the pleasures of the evening.