Sauk County Historical Society

Photographic Collection


Brick Yard, UN1925

Depot, 2-2006FH, Photo donated to Mayor’s office, Merrimac, 26 Sep. 1972, by Capt. & Mrs.

 D.J. Hofhine, 400 Western Ave., Cedarburg, WI 53012. Accompanying letter says:

“Dear Sir: Enclosed please find a picture I found among my late grandfather’s effects.

It reads: “Merrimac, Wis. Depot, C.W. Wood, Agent; Geo. Behrns, Student, June 7,

1895".  I believe C.W. Wood was my great grandfather. My grandfather and

grandmother, Robert B. And Ella S. Wood are burried in your cemetery. I thought the

picture may be of historical interest or value to you. Please keep it. Sincerely, Jo Ann L.

 Hofhine, (Mrs. Duane J.)

Dramatic Club, 2-2005V, Plays: That Dreadful Boy & Signing the Pledge. 1900. From Left:

            Elsie Devlin, Alice Smith, Susan Smith, (top) Bertha Braetsch, Katie Pigg, Sophia

            McKenzie, Ella Devlin.

Ferry, 2-2003IR, 2000, Dean O’Brien photo

Ferry, 1950’s. From Jodi Pearson (Ferry Crossing Bar), Merrimac. Donated 9-09

Main St., UN1151, c. 1907

Merrimac Cottage, 6-1992D [B47D], people seated outside

Merrimac Ferry, 16-2001JB, c. early 1920's

Merrimac Ferry, 16-2001LI

Merrimac School, 10-1984I [R34-I], Merrimac Twp., pre 1854-present?, section 2, 360 School

             St., built 1902, photo c. early 1940's.

Railroad Bridge, 43-1958 [A3-122], steam train crossing bridge over Lk. Wisconsin

Railroad Bridge, UN1159, C&NW bridge over Lake Wisconsin, men standing on track

Street Scene, 9-2002FH, Baraboo Street

Weigand’s Bay, 2-2005AP, garage, possible c. 1940's

Weigand’s Bay, 2-2005AN, Genewein Gas station, c. 1940's

Weigand’s Bay, 2-2005AO, store, c. 1940's

Weigand’s Bay, 2-2005AQ, Boats on water, (uncertain if it’s Weigand’s Bay)

From Merrimac Village Hall

Donated to copy Nov. 2006

Davies, Mary. “Mrs. Culleu? Mary Davis in uniform.”

Dennis House 1. Family in front yard.

Dennis House 2. Family in front yard.

Family Home. Unidentified

Fitzsimons Family. James Fitzsimons, John, Jim & Mrs.

Martin, Theodore. Baby

Mc Guam & Peck Wedding. Andrew Mc Guam & Jane Peck.

Merrimac Creamery. Interior shot. Note cat on shoulder of man on right.

Railroad Maintenance Crew. Section crew in early 1900. Station agent, center. Herman Gensky

 on right.

Village Street. Dennis house on right. School house on left.