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Larsen Collection

Gene & Mona Larsen Collection

Loaned to copy in 2004

Copyright Protected

Baraboo 1

Baraboo 2, Soldier camp at Baraboo

Baraboo News, c. 1912, Line O’ Type machine, possibly taken where Little Village Café is today

 (2005), 146  4th Ave.

Baraboo News 2, c. 1912, printing room, taken where Little Village Café is today (2005), 146 4th Ave.

BBO Fair 1, men & buggies

BBO Fair 2, The finish of the flight Sep.

BBO Fair 3, Curtis Biplane

BBO Fair 4, Sep. 1911, flight by Nels J. Nelson

CNW 1, small engine

CNW2, large engine on turntable

Devils Lake 1, Stone Face

Devils Lake 2, The octopus, east bluff

Devils Lake 3, Devil’s Doorway

Devils Lake 4, East bluff

Devils Lake 5, West bluff

Devils Lake 6, Turk’s Head

Devils Lake 7, West Bluff

Devils Lake 8, The Watchman

Devils Lake 9, Devil’s Chair

Devils Lake 10, Castle Rock

Devils Lake 11, Hatchet Rock

Devils Lake 12, Elephant Rock

Devils Lake 13, Cleopatra’s Needle

Devils Lake 14, Split Rock

Devils Lake 15, Cave on East Bluff

Devils Lake 16, West bluff in winter

Devils Lake 17, East bluff in winter

Durwards Glen 1, The museum

Durwards Glen 2, Melze quartet

Durwards Glen 3, in the glen

Herfort Canning 1

Herfort Canning 2

Man Mound 1

Man Mound 2

Pewitts Nest 1, in the gorge

Pewitts Nest 2, rocks

Pine Hollow 1, scene

Pine Hollow 2, James Steeley on Morter rock

Pine Hollow 3, scene

Pine Hollow 4, scene

Pine Hollow 5, scene

Ringling 1, Camels in their winter home

Ringling 2, Ringlingville

Ringling 3, Ringlingville

Ringling 4, Rear view of Ringlingville, circus just arrived

Ringling 5, Ringlingville deserted

Ringling 6, Parade of circus dray wagons

Third Ave, Baraboo, looking east

Tire Repair 1, waiting for the tire to be repaired

Tire Repair 2, tire being repaired

Yellow Thunder, grave

Wis Dells 1, Sugar Bowl

Wis Dells 2, Grotto Rock

Wis House, torn down in March 1912