Lk Delton.jpg

Lake Delton

Sauk County Historical Society

Photographic Collection


Bailey House, 2-2003GK, Joseph Bailey House, Kilbourn, 1925

Bartlett’s Ski Show, UN1122

Baseball Team, UN1153, c. 1940's-1950's

Boat Landing. South Side Boat Landing, Delton. Ca. 1927. Photo from Kathrine (Bates)

            Hamblett, Reedsburg.

Dell Queen, 41-1963 [S-28-41A], c. 1882

Delton Academy, UN1267

Home, Kerfoot, “Dawn” the residence of S.H. Kerfoot at Newport, Delton Twp., from 1893

            Sauk County map, loaned by Bud Cady to copy in 2005.

Hotel, Cottage Home, UN1342, Lake Delton

Mirror Lake, 2-2004AC, boat at dock.

Morris Hotel, c. 1920, px from Donna Rygiewicz, 2522 E. Dayton St., Madison, WI 53704

Newport Hotel, UN1937, here dilapidated, torn down about 1905

Post Office, UN1263, c. 1913