LaValle, Wisconsin

Photographic Collection


LaValle 2.jpg

Cornet Band, L-R: Frank Borchers, Charles Eder, Elmer Gardner, Blakeslee, ?, F. Barnett, Ben

 Turner, J. McWilliams, ?, H. Schafer, A. Gale (or Charles Briggs?). c. 1900, loaned

 to copy

Cyclone, 68-2008A. Possibly early 20th century. Donated by Cynthia Puhl, 948 Cozy Lane,

             Oshkosh, WI. Photos are from album of Winnie Simpson Richardson, wife of Ray


Cyclone, 68-2008B. Possibly early 20th century. Donated by Cynthia Puhl, 948 Cozy Lane,

             Oshkosh, WI. Photos are from album of Winnie Simpson Richardson, wife of Ray


Cyclone, 68-2008C. Possibly early 20th century. Donated by Cynthia Puhl, 948 Cozy Lane,

             Oshkosh, WI. Photos are from album of Winnie Simpson Richardson, wife of Ray


Dutch Hollow Lake, UN1999, aerial view

DD1, Main St, c. 1908, Dave Doering photo collection

DD2, Store, interior, possibly current location of Last Chance Saloon, Dave Doering photo

DD3, Club, 1972, possibly the LaValle Federated Women’s Club (founders of the library),

             includes: Zona Scott, Alice Schumacher, Bertha Frazier. Dave Doering photo collection

DD4, Mill, c. 2000, Sandy Cole photo. Dam

DD5, Mill, c. 2000, Sandy Cole photo. Interior, gears

DD6, Mill, c. 2000, Sandy Cole photo. Dam

DD7, Mill, c. 2000, Sandy Cole photo. Dam

DD8, Mill, c. 2000, Sandy Cole photo. Mill & dam

DD9, Mill, c. 2000, Sandy Cole photo. Equipment

DD10, Mill, c. 2000, Sandy Cole photo. Mill & dam

DD11, Mill, c. 2000, Sandy Cole photo. Mill

DD12, Mill, c. 2000, Sandy Cole photo. Mill

DD13, Mill, c. 2000, Sandy Cole photo. Mill

DD14, Mill, c. 2000, Sandy Cole photo. Fan

DD15, Mill, c. 2000, Sandy Cole photo. Equipment

DD16, Mill, c. 2000, Sandy Cole photo. Equipment

LV126       WWII Tank, 1999

LV242       Oak Lawn Cemetery, Aug. 1991, “Unknown Soldier”

LV316       WWII honor roll on side of hardware building.

LV317       WWII honor roll, Eugene Hawkins.

LV322       Civil War veterans at courthouse in Baraboo. Photo by H.H. Bennett, from Shirley Springer. “Charles Pearson with patch on eye. (Was Charles Pearson Jr.’s grandfather).

Main St., c. 1907. Loaned to copy by Ryan Rabuck.

Parade, 2-2002DI

Redstone 1 thru Redstone 13: Taken of the lake construction, and shortly after construction,

c. 1972.

Redstone 14, Catwalk in back of first sales office, 1965, Dean Oetzman slide

Redstone 15, Wagon rides furnished by Isaacson developers at first office building, 1966, Dean

            Oetzman slide

Redstone 16, Catwalk in back of first sales office, 1966, Dean Oetzman slide

Redstone 17, North sales office, 1967, Dean Oetzman slide

Redstone 18, Town of LaVelle constable, Robert McWilliams in first patrol boat furnished by Redstone property owners Assoc. 1970, Dean Oetzman slide

Redstone 18, Redstone officers checking the lake: Dick Stevensen, John Gerber, Russell

 Douglas, c. 1970, Dean Oetzman slide

Redstone 19, Overflow falls, 1972, Dean Oetzman slide

Redstone 20, Overflow falls, 1972, Dean Oetzman slide

Redstone 21, Autumn on the lake, Oct. 1974, Dean Oetzman slide

Redstone 22, Town of LaValle Constable Dean Oetzman in 2nd patrol boat, c. 1975, Dean

 Oetzman slide

Redstone 23, View from lot Oriole #44, Aug. 7, 1965, Bayna photo

Redstone 24, View from lot Oriole #44, Aug. 7, 1965, Bayna photo

Redstone 25, View from lot Oriole #44, Aug. 7, 1965, Bayna photo

Redstone 26, View from lot Oriole #44 before water, 1965, Bayna photo

Redstone 27, View from lot Oriole #44, May 1966, Bayna photo

Redstone 28, View from lot Oriole #44, May 2, 1969, Bayna photo

Tornado, 2-2005W, July 3, 1907. “Home of Albert Gates, town of LaValle. His new barn,

 32x56, and all his other buildings were leveled to the ground with fences and farm

 machinery destroyed.”

Tornado, 115-1907 [#320], destroyed barn, July 3, 1907



LV1           East Main St. ca. 1915  From Duddleston Family

LV2           Mill Pond Dam, 1908          From Duddleston Family

LV3           Duddleston Mill, 1908. Has been in the family since 1911. Joseph A. Duddleston 1911; sons, V.A. & L.D. Duddleston; grandson, Volney Duddleston & wife, Edna.

LV4           Baseball team taken in front of drugstore. Charles Wilkinson, Bert Blank, Doc Barnett, George Borchers, Ben Paddock, Fred Klett, Ernie Marshall, Bill Hyslop, Ernie Richards, Vern Yanke, Vern Thompson.

LV5           Abraham (Sam) Jackson house (below Jackson School) From Russell Douglas

LV6           Farm, Vincent Jackson, From Russell Douglas

LV7           Big Creek Creamery, from Don Hagerty

LV8           River Drive (postcard)

LV9           Depot, LaValle

LV10        LaValle High School

LV11        J.H. Byrns Buffet

LV12        Parade

LV13        Union Sunday School, United Methodist Church in 2000

LV14        Mrs. Jerome=s house

LV15        LaValle Baseball team

LV16        Main St. LaValle, WI (postcard)

LV17        LaValle Depot (postcard)

LV18        Lutheran Church, Clara Rabuck

LV19        St. Paul=s church, Big Creek, located at what is now cemetery.

LV20        LaValle Roller Mill fire

LV21        LaValle depot & train, ca. 1908

LV22        Men marching with rifles

LV23        Carrie Wilson home, first to have a phone in town. Line was run to Paddock=s store.

LV24        Rock Scene near LaValle, WI, by the Trail Break in 2000

LV25        School

LV26        Hwy 58 (postcard)Paddock house is on left, top of hill

LV27        Main St. (postcard)

LV28        The Rocks (postcard)

LV29        Interior of old Milhbauer Tavern

LV30        Interior of hardware store?

LV31        Main St., May 28, 1947

LV32        Rabucks Tavern, ca. early 1980's

LV33        Threshing 1943

LV34        Thelma (Burmester) Hartje, Norma (Decker) Jones, helping threshing crew during World War II

LV35        Snowstorm, Jan. 1947

LV36        Mince Meat time at Thelma=s. Herman & Elsie Burmester, LaValle, April 1962


LV37        Zion Lutheran church, LaValle, Mar. 1955 (from Thelma Hartje)

LV38        Standing on the rocks near railroad tracks across from the depot

LV39        Passenger train passing through town.

LV40        Paddock=s Store front

LV41        Lars Wahlen Hardware store, 1909. From Odell Larsen

LV42        Garage, possibly 1921 (postcard)

LV43        Bridge over Baraboo River at LaValle (postcard)

LV44        Steam engine at LaValle

LV45        Mill dam, ca. 1915

LV46        Hwy 59 at LaValle, Paddock house is on left, top of hill

LV47        LaValle dam, ca. 1920

LV48        LaValle to Cazenovia, 1910-1935. The Chicago Northwestern and the Cazenovia Southern Railroads served LaValle.  The CSRR was nicknamed APuckety Chute@.

LV49        LaValle to Cazenovia on a converted Model-T which ran on railroad tracks, delivered mail. ca. early 1920's.

LV50        Clara=s Store, Main St. Firehouse is located here in 2000.

LV51        Possibly Duddleston Sawmill, from Helen Miller

LV52        LaValle Roller Mill fire

LV53        Garage, ca. 1921

LV54        Harriette & Lee Pearson house, on Pearson St., LaValle

LV55        Lutheran Church

LV56        Main St. 1908. Fourth store on right is Paddock Grocery.

LV57        Railroad Bridge at LaValle

LV58        Engelbretson Hotel/ Apker Rooming House, ca. 1885. Man in buggy, Philip J. Mihlbauer; L-R: on lower step, Ida Apker; Anna Sands Apker; Parker Apker; Clinton Apker; in white apron, Betsy Apker; Henry P. Apker; Mary Apker, Fritzgerald; James Fitzgerald, May Apker, Ed Apker.

LV59        LaValle Depot & steam engine

LV60        Main St., 1906

LV61        George Town Hotel

LV62        Mill and dam, 1908

LV63        Catholic Church

LV64        Overflow, July 23, 1907

LV65        Parade

LV66        Parade

LV67        Main St.

LV68        Lover=s Lane, 1913

LV69        Swimming pool, ca. 1947

LV70        Glen Atkinson, ca. 1940's

LV71        Parade


LV72        Parade

LV73        Parade

LV74        Phyllis Borchers & Elizabeth ABugs@ Gates, Parade 1986

LV75        Parade 1994

LV76        Parade 1994

LV77        400 Trail opening, June 5, 1993

LV78        New pool

LV79        New pool

LV80        New pool

LV81        Farm & Mill pond

LV82        Iron bridge, Mar. 2, 1998

LV83        New pool, Nicki Schvinck

LV84        New pool, Helen Geitz, Wayne Coleman

LV85        New pool, Connie Hahn

LV86        New pool opening, June, 1994

LV87        New pool, back, R-L: Ryan Rabuck, Greg Hahn, Dale Schultz, Norbert Rudy, Sheryl Albers, Virgil Hartje, David Doering

LV88        New pool

LV89        Old iron bridge on Hwy 33, March 2, 1998

LV90        Dutch Hollow rural school

LV91        Trail Break, 1999

LV92        Donna=s Antiques, 1999

LV93        The River Mill, 1999

LV94        Loading Dock Bar & Grill, 1999

LV95        Donna=s Antiques, 1999

LV96        400 Trail at LaValle. Original depot sign along 400 Trail. Sign placed on depot site in 1998 by the LaValle History Project., 1999

LV97        Mill Dam, 1999

LV98        Dave=s Hardware, 1999

LV99        The River Mill, 1999

LV100      Village Hall & Library, 1999

LV101            Wollins Grocery, 1999

LV102            Swimming Pool, 1999

LV103            Honor Roll, Park, baseball field, 1999

LV104            Zion Ev. Lutheran Church, 1999

LV105            Advent Christian Church, 1999

LV106            Catholic Church, 1999

LV107            Advent Christian Church, new addition, 1999

LV108            LaValle Mill, 1999

LV109            LaValle Sportsman=s Club, 1999

LV110            Club Chapparal, 1999

LV111            Hartje Farm Home & Tire Center, 1999

LV112            Mittelstaedt Sports & Marine, 1999

LV113            Fellowship Evangelical Free Church, 1999

LV114            United Methodist Church, 1999

LV115            LaValle Fire Dept., 1999

LV116            Star Connection Satellite, 1999

LV117            Village Pump, 1999

LV118            Post Office, 1999

LV119            Petro Stop Auto Care, 1999

LV120            LaValle Fire Dept., 1999

LV121            Log cabin, 1999

LV122            Last Chance bar, 1999

LV123            Wash room, Laundromat and car wash, 1999

LV124            Village Artworks, 1999

LV125            State Bank of Cazenovia - LaValle Branch, 1999

LV126            WWII Tank, 1999

LV127            AAunt Kate in living room@

LV129            LaValle Bowling team, 1960's. Kathy Radtke, Colleen Johnson, Audrey Carpenter, Mary Moore, Shirley Springer, Jean Rabuck

LV130            LaValle Bowling team, Eau Claire, WI, May 1, 1954. LaVerne Rabuck , Edith Hartje, middle, Dorothy Mlsna, Joan Rabuck, Jeanne Rudy.

LV131            LaValle School, Feb. 20, 1923. Back row, L-R: Delia Anderson, Helen Lobdell, Leona Wahler, Catherin Jerome, Agatha Burmeister, Beatrice, Bromley, Mildred Robinson, Harriet Anderson. 2nd row: Verne Rabuck, Floyd Powell, Fern Doering, Harvey McWilliams, Katharyn Beauchat, Vera Pugh, Alice Wahler, Bernice Funnell, Nina Wood. 3rd row: Raymond Wiese, Norman Carroll?, Fredie Briggs, Arvine Richards, Lorna Decot, Edward Gardner, Leon Duddleston, Charlie Dehler, Syville Bowden, Sam Decot. 4th row: Kenneth Darrow, Ernest Rist?, Everet Gates, Glen Bromley, Paul Bowden, Everett Tate, Guy Bromley, Jimmie Robinson, Clyde Rabuck, Earl Martin, Henry Kernan, Mervin Thompson. Standing, right: Tony Andrews (teacher). Photo from Harvey & Vera McWilliams


LV132            Deer hunters, ca. 1940. Doc Booher, Wally Henecke, Ed Greenwood, Glen Good, Ernie Richards.

LV133            Street scene

LV134            Lyle Doering

LV135            Home

LV136            Marsela Hochmuth

LV137            Benjamin Paddock

LV138            Oak Lawn Cemetery

LV139            Schafer Farm

LV140            People in a grove

LV141            Mrs. H. (Katherine) Paddock

LV142            May 15, 1905. Lula Darrow, Delia Thompson, Grace Paddock

LV143            Oct. 1, 1894. Grace M.  Paddak, Nov. 30, 1889; Benjamin E. Paddak.

Feb. 21, 1892

LV144            School house on School House Hill, May 30, 1897

LV145            Class picture: Front: Duane Peterson, Phyllis (Rabuck) Borchers, Donnie Branton, Sarah (Pearson) Lucht, Willis Mueller. 2nd Row: Audrey (Sosinsky) Carpenter, Helen Rabuck, Franklin Head (Principal), Beth Pugh, Mary (Broska) Moore, Helen Wegner. 1945

LV146            Katherine Paddock (Great grandmother), Grace Paddock Greenhalgh, Katherine Butterfield Hagerty & her two sons.

LV147            Tom MaCroft, was a stone mason

LV148            Mildred Mills?

LV149            Lovella Benort?

LV150            Sand School

LV151            Aunt Daisy & Uncle Jay after wedding, Big Creek, married June 1899

LV152            Pat Hamel

LV153            Clayton & Harold Bray?

LV154            Ed Cooney

LV155            Kate Connors

LV156            John Canghlen? & Jim Hagerty

LV157            Willie Bray

LV158            Possibly Jim Hagerty on right

LV159            Lize Bray

LV160            July 31, 1885 ARecd. at Grand Forks@

LV161            Katherine Elsie Butterfield, 1 year old

LV162            Charles & Grace Greenhalgh

LV163            Mrs. Katherine Paddock, Grace Paddock Greenhalgh, Katherine Butterfield Hagerty, Baby?

LV164            Mrs. K. Paddock, Grace Paddock Greenhalgh, Imagine Katherine

LV165            Grace Paddock


LV166            Grace M. Paddock, age 5; Benj. E. Paddock, age 2 2

LV167            Grace Marie Paddock, 1 year, Nov. 30, 1890

LV168            John Coughlin, Pate Hamphel?

LM169           Grace Paddock

LV170            Mary Pettibone, Grandma Paddock=s sister

LV171            Percy Meredith Paddock, age 5 months, 1898

LV172            LaVone Hagerty Richards (Mrs. Joe Richards)

LV173            Joe Richards

LV174            Grace Paddock

LV175            Grace Paddock

LV176            Herbert Paddock

LV177            Chet Miller, owner of Chet=s Service

LV178            AHis grandmother Chrestine Eder, was Mrs. Kate Paddock=s sister@

LV179            Evaline Ives AMrs. Harriet Ives Paddock=s sister@

LV180            Grandmother Ives. Mrs. Harriet Ives Paddock=s mother, lived in Clinton, N.Y.

LV181            Mrs. Katherine Paddock

LV182            AThe Cow That Kicked Chicago@ L-R: Mary Giblin, George Carrie, Gibbin Paddock, James Head, Charlie Eder. AHome Talent Play@

LV183            Ben Paddock

LV184            LaVerne Hagerty Richards

LV185            Carrie Paddock Wilson

LV186            10th Grade graduation from LaValle School 1930. Front, L-R: John Gates, Joe Richards, Principal Arthur Horkheimer, Bernard Kennedy, Philip Decot. Back: Marjorie Hockmuth Finnegan, Marlene (Jackson) Pierce, Ruby (Jessop) Dehler, Frances (Decot) DeVault, Helen (Clark) Sorensky

LV187            LaValle Main street. R-L: electrical shop, drugstore, bank, next building had a dance hall upstairs. Far left is apartment building in 2000. (photo from Sauk Co. Hist. Soc. collection)

LV188            George & Gustaf Held

LV189            Burt Blank Drug Store. Kid is Toby Funnel. Is part of the bank in 2000.

LV190            St. Paul=s Church, Hwy F

LV191            AInstitute Spring of 1897. (Arrow points to Mary Giblen on left, skipping one man, Edith Hulbert (Head). X marks under John Gagham.

LV192            Edward B. Gardner in July 4th parade with pony & wagon. Grandpa Fletcher Gardner is leading pony. ca. 1916.

LV193            LaValle Days parade 1990.

LV194            R.L. Miller, Schroeders, Newluns, Carol Lewis, Apple houses. Street past ball park.

LV195            Mrs. Carl (Alma) Radke

LV196            On left is Jewel Doering=s Tavern; lean-to is Charlie Dehler=s Barber Shop where several local men learned the barber trade. Note streetlights. ca. 1920's.


LV197            On right, resturant; left, Bettys Store

LV198            LaValle mill & dam

LV199            Minnie Ward=s house

LV200            George Eder

LV201            Grandfather Eder

LV203            Georgetown Hotel (Kathleen Page Faivre was born here).

LV204            Ben Paddock house

LV205            Catherine Ewer Paddock & Herbert Paddock Sr.

LV206            Katherine Paddock, center; Grace Paddock Greenaugh, left; Katherine Greenaugh (Kay Haggerty), right.

LV207            One lady is Iva Cobbledick

LV208            Taken at Crandon Nov. 27, 1932. 1.?, 2. Dick Priest, 3. Roger Englebretson, 4.?, 5. Ernie Richards

LV209            Paul Radke? (with skins)

LV210            Paul Radke? (with skin)

LV211            Grace Paddock Butterfield Greenaugh

LV212            Isaac Walton League Team, July 31, 1927.

LV213            Overflow, July 23, 1907     

LV214            Bridge on Hwy 58, south by hardware store

LV215            May 16, 1898, School annex, LaValle School

LV216            Bun Kennedy Gas Station, 1953 (Village Pump in 2000)

LV217            Mrs. Henry (Angeline ) Gleue, 1948. Librarian 1932-1956 at LaValle

LV218            Benny Dee, President of the bank. ca. 1970's.

LV219            LaValle Creamery

LV220            Pool, 1933

LV221            On East St., LaValle, ca. 1933 (Mary Kennedy=s in 2000)

LV222            Lady on left is Alma Mihlbower, Mary Kennedy=s mother, ca. 1923,

Paddack Store

LV223            Old LaValle telephone office, ca. 1923. Larene Cannon seated.

LV224            Englebretson Hotel

LV225            Little League Ball team, July 1965

LV226            Little League Ball team, July, 1966

LV227            Parade

LV228            Parade, Reedsburg High School Band, Sept. 1967

LV229            Parade, 1991

LV230            LaValle Celebration, 1991

LV231            Parade

LV232            Parade, 1991

LV233            Parade, Roger Towne, Janeen Rabuck, Terry Milbauer

LV234            Parade, 1983

LV235            New Fire Station 1991

LV236            L-R: Rick Rienie, Jean Riene, Rich Rabuck. In front of the old Rabuck=s Bar

LV237            Inside old Rabuck=s Bar 1942


LV238            Ray Rabuck inside his bar, 1974

LV239            Ray Rabuck beside the general store

LV240            Inside Rabuck=s Bar

LV241            Oak Lawn Cemetery, Aug. 1991

LV242            Oak Lawn Cemetery, Aug. 1991, AUnknown Soldier@

LV243            LaValle Fire Dept., old fire engine

LV244            Viet Nam Memorial Wall in Washington, D.C. July 4, 1999. AVernon Henke@

LV245            Barn fire,  1985

LV246            Sign Dedication, 1998, American Legion at the ceremony

LV247            Main Street Construction, 1998

LV248            Main Street Construction, 1998

LV249            Main Street Construction, 1998

LV250            Main Street Construction, 1998

LV251            Main Street Construction, 1998

LV252            Main Street Construction, 1998

LV253            Main Street Construction, 1998

LV254            Main Street Construction, 1998

LV255            Hardware building, built in 1840

LV256            Bowling Girls news article. First girl=s bowling team in LaValle (from LaValle Weekley)

LV257            Coffee hour at Grannys, 1994

LV258            Rabuck=s Tavern, 1961-1987

LV259            Dargel Farm, near Hartje Lumber today (2000)

LV260            Post Office dedication, Nov. 1961

LV261            Stock Market, 1956

LV262            Lake Redstone advertisement, 1965

LV263            Lake Redstone advertisement, 1965

LV264            Advent Christian Church, 1898

LV265            AConference Sunday, Dec. 13, 1902" Advent Church

LV266            Dreamland, 1960

LV267            Parade (1981?)

LV268            Snowmobilers (1968?)

LV269            Flood, Swimming pool, July 5, 1978

LV270            Flood, Donkey, July 5, 1978

LV271            Camp Meeting, Advent Church, near LaValle

LV272            Depot & train, Aug. 1926

LV273            Gas station, first in LaValle ( Village Pump in 2000)

LV274            McWilliams residence, Richard on tractor, Robert on shovel

LV275            Harvey McWilliams house in LaValle, Center St. Rockie Sobak home in 2000)

LV276            Obed on hay, Henry McWilliams on ground.

LV277            Oak Lawn Cemetery

LV278            1923, Emma (Held) Mueller & Ewald Mueller wedding

LV279            Harvey McWilliams on grain binder, Robert McWilliams driving, Ruth Ann McWilliams standing.

LV280            Ulrika Held, died 1939; Carl Held, died 1930

LV281            Susan (Carman) Butler Fuller house on East St., burned down. (site of C. Carpenter=s home in 2000)

LV282            Village Library, 1992, Dave Doering, Director

LV283            Summer Library program 1998, LaValle Park

LV284            Parade (1981?)

LV285            Clara=s Store, 1966

LV286            Clara=s Store, 1966

LV287            Lake Redstone, 1999, LaValle Fish & Bass Club stocking fish

LV288            1996 Snowmobiling the 400 Trail

LV289            Border Riders Motorcycle Club, 1993

LV290            1994, Santa visits fire station

LV291            Little League team, 1986

LV292            Lake Redstone 1986. Cheryl & Tim and Mary & David Mueller

LV293            Postcard, Lake Redstone

LV294            Residence of J.H. White (Village Artwork in 2000)

LV295            Tornado, July 3, 1907. Carl Stricker=s house and barn (in Big Creek area)

LV296            Tornado, July 3, 1907. Gate=s house and barn (in Big Creek area)

LV297            Tornado, July 3, 1907. E. Gates house and barn (in Big Creek area)

LV298            Tornado, July 3, 1907. W.A. Stricker=s house and barn (in Big Creek area)

LV299            Welcome to LaValle sign with business listing on 400 Trail, March 18, 2000

LV300            Sign on Hwy 33 from Reedsburg, March 18, 2000

LV301            Old Town Hall on Catholic Church Hill, March 18, 2000

LV302            LaValle Town Hall & Shop. On left, Village of LaValle shop, March 18, 2000

LV303            Ironton-LaValle Elementary School, March 18, 2000

LV304            The Rocks, Paddock Hill, March 18, 2000


LV305            Rock, from 400 Trail, by Trail Break, March 18, 2000

LV306            Rock, from street, by Trail Break, March 18, 2000

LV307            Hemlock Park, March 18, 2000

LV308            Baraboo River, LaValle Mill Pond, March 18, 2000

LV309            Dutch Hollow Lake, from LaValle Town landing, March 18, 2000

LV310            Hwy 58 Bridge in LaValle

LV311            Mill Pond, LaValle, March 18, 2000

LV312            Duddleston farm, March 8, 2000

LV313            The Rocks, Paddock Hill, Hwy 158, March 18, 2000

LV314            Hemlock Park & 400 Trail, March 18, 2000

LV315            The LaValle Mill Pond, March 18, 2000

LV316            WWII honor roll on side of hardware building.

LV317            WWII honor roll, Eugene Hawkins.

LV318            LaValle pool, July 1960

LV319            Marie Ellsesar Millinery, Main St., LaValle. Mrs. Jerome house. Hulda Hochmuth is second from left.

LV320            Postcard, ca. 1909. (LaValle creamery, Steamboat Rock, LaValle Roller Mills)

LV321            Charles & Emeline Pearson, Louie, Harriet, Lee, Charles. Charles Sr. ran the mill, worked in postoffice, was in LaValle State Bank when it failed in 1930's.

LV322            Civil War veterans at courthouse in Baraboo. Photo by H.H. Bennett, from Shirley Springer. ACharles Pearson with patch on eye. (Was Charles Pearson Jr.=s grandfather).