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Krueger Collection

Betty L. Krueger Collection

Copied Nov. 2002


BK1     Pumping station on south side, Baraboo

BK2     Al Ringling Theatre, Betsy Rose building to the west, Baraboo

BK3     Wisconsin Power & Light Co., window display, Baraboo

BK4     Grocery store interior

BK5     Roser & Koch, wagon & team on 4th St., Reinking’s store in background, Baraboo

BK6     Third Ave., looking east, c. 1918, Baraboo

BK7     Dr. Thompson, with horse and buggy

BK8     C&NW Railway depot, Baraboo

BK9     Third Ward School, students, Baraboo

BK10   Sunday School group, possibly Pastor Kintz in back with his wife by the tree. Betty Krueger’s father,  is 2nd row kneeling, 3rd from left; his sister, Viola, is 4th row, 1st from right; another sister, Hazel, 4th row, 3rd from right.

BK11   First Ward School fire, Dec., 1951, Baraboo

BK12   First Ward School fire, Dec., 1951, Baraboo

BK13   First Ward School fire, Dec., 1951, Baraboo

BK14   Boy Scout troop, Betty’s father,  is 1st from right in front row. Front, L-R:, Vaughn Reinking, Scott Douglas, Ivan Yearman?, Bernard Platt, Wm D., Roger Ableman. Back, L-R: D. Kramer, Pete Schilling, Martin Bjarmss__?, Al Krueger, Charles Webster (Scout Master), Harold Creggy (Assistant Scout Master).

BK15   Ed Darrock, with team and dog

BK16   Family farm, man, woman, 3 little girls

BK17   L-R: “Grandma Henry”, Elizabeth Watkins, Irene Jams, Gladys Watkins, Eleanor Cyrener, Caroline Anderson, Dawnene Weirick, Genevive Watkins, Lois Cysener, Iva Trussell, Elizabeth Weirick

BK18   Mrs. Schweke & two daughters

BK19   D. Noyes, Chippewa Falls, July 29th

BK20   Unknown man, (Rinkob or Wilson?)

BK21   Unknown man

BK22   Gas plant of WP&L, on south side. Lester Trussell, 2nd from left.

BK23   Miners, Betty’s grandfather is 2nd from right, in doorway, “Slim” Trussell

BK24   Boy Scout troop at CCC Camp, Devils Lake. John Dithmar, 4th from left; Betty’s father is 8th from left, next to troop flag bearer.

BK25   CCC Camp Soyet, Winter, WI, buildings

BK26   Former WP&L gas plant on Walnut St.

BK27   Devil’s Lake

BK28   Sauk County Courthouse

BK29   Lady with baby

BK30   Lady in veil

BK31   Lady

BK32   Lady