Joseph F. Clossey

Asniers, France

Dec. 20-1918

       Dear Folks.

       As I am not busy to night I will write you a few lines to let you know I am well and still in the land of the living as I guess I am tough as I have been pretty well all the time only had a slight cold. And I hope you are all well as I had not heard from you for so long I was worried about you all. But received a letter to day written the 26th of Nov the first since I was transferred. Well as we are now allowed to tell some of our experiences I will tell you a few things. My old Regiment was quaranitined (sic) in England as some of the boys caught the flue (sic) but nothing like that for me. England is a very pretty place and I liked it very well over there. I sent the picture of the ship I came over on home did you get it. It was sure a swell ship. It took us just six and a half days to cross. But that was long enough for me as our ship was all alone. I have not seen any of the boys from home only Croal and Lehman and I never seen anything of Martin McCarty since I left New York. The Co. from home was sent in to Germany and we were relieved of one engagement so missed them. But never the less I am with a fine bunch of boys from Virginia of the 80th Div that were trained at Camp Lee.

       How’s the weather over there we are still getting rain and sleet most every day but it has turned quite cold to-nite and I think it is going to freeze up. But they are plowing every day so far. We are still in the same place, you need not look for it on a map as it is too small to find. We are doing a little drilling every day but the most we have on our minds is when we are going home. We are getting lots of new equiptments (sic) I got a new uniform since back from the front so that looks good to me. Mother I had enough to carry from the front let alone a German helmet and then I hate the sight of them and they better keep mum (sic) or when we all get back there will be a few less. But I will bring you home a souvenier. (sic) Did you get the French silk handkerchiefs I sent? Dad did you recieve (sic) the letter I wrote you of Nov. 24. What do you keep busy at these days? I had a big letter from Arthur today he is in the same place. He said you were all well and he got his Christmas box from home. I suppose I’ll get mine about July 4th.Hope you sent it to my new address or I will never get it. Did you have a merry xmas? Wish I could have been there to help eat the turkey as turkey don’t grow in this country. How is every one around town? When you write tell me where Frankie Dorow is. Or is he home now? Also where is Dennis or was he ever called to camp. Well hope you all keep well till I return but don’t know when that will be as in army life you never know what you are going to do. But I know what I will do, I am going straight to the farm. So I will close for now and write often and tell me all the news.

       From your loving Brother

       Private Joseph F. Clossey

       Co. D. 318th Infantry 80th Div.

       American E.F.   Army P.O. 756