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Howard E. Marshall

Milly, France

Nov. 24, 1918

Dear Father; -

As to-day is Father’s Day I will write to you this time instead of mother.

According to a late ruling we are allowed to tell where we are at. I am now in the town of Milly near the French Luxemberg border but expect to move again soon as we hardly ever stay more than a week in a place but which way we go from here I don’t know, but I hope I see Germany before I come home. I don’t know as I have time to tell you all the places I have been in since I came over but I will tell you that I landed at Liverpool, England & then across to Southampton & then crossed the channel to Havre, France. Have been on five different fronts & seen all kinds of guns & war material. Have seen all kinds of German prisoners too but will tell you all I have seen & done when I get back which I don’t think will be very long now.

Well Dad I guess I will close with love to all & take good care of yourself for a little while longer.

Your loving son

Pvt. Howard E. Marshall

Ordnance Repair Unit M.T.O.(sic) 5th Div.

A.PO. 745 American E.F.

(At the top of the letter is the following:  Sees German Prisoners.

Mr. and Mrs. G. E. Marshall of LaValle have received the following from their son, Howard E. Marshall.)