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France  Oct.14,1918

Der aunt.

Hello, Ida, how are you folks. I an fine and dandy hope this will find you the same. I got you letter yesterday that you wrote to me the 6 of September and was glad to get it. I havent got much time to write so I will scribble a few lines to let you know I am still living. I just got out of the trenches a day or to ago. Out for a rest. The way thing read over here I don’t think I will see the trenches anymore without things change.


 The all say we are going home for Christmas dinner but I have my doubts of being home by that time. It will take a long time after it is over before I land and you never know it when I do. Well how is Toby and Nora getting along with the old engine this year I bet Toby thinks of Hornbeck once in a while. Well Ida I started this letter yesterday and they said I couldent send it out fer a day or to. It is hard to get mail home. We cant send it when ever we want to I havent heard from Delma for a long time dont know what


 is the matter. I dont get only about half of my mail that is sent to me. I got one from Dewey to day and one from Ma that she wrote the 6 of Sept. I got it the 5th of Oct. Well I heard since I started this that I am going to moove again but cant tell where. Well how is the old man getting along with his finger. Ma said he had it takun of again. I would like to have seem his face. Well Ida you tell ma I will try and write in a few days. I am writing often but I don’t go threw only


 about half of the time. I an going to try and write to Dewey and see if it will go threw. Lot of you folks think I dont write but I have answered every letter that I got. Well Ida you tell then all hello for me and to write I will answer them if I get them so good by from Korbeck.

Answer soon.

Censored by

1st Ll. Inf. U.S.A. 


France: 15 Oct. 1918

Dear Mother,

Hello mother how are you folks getting along. I am fine and dandy hope this will find you the same. I got your letter to day that you wrote me the tenth of Sept. Well how is the old mans finger getting along since he had it cut off. I dont expose he is able to work very much. Well I got a letter from Stella a week ago. Well I expose Herb is busy cutting corn now I dont expose he run his silo filler much this year.


Well mother I am out of the trench now for a rest but are going to move before long again. Well I dont expose they are very many of the boys left around there by this time. How dose it come that Roy and Dennis keeps out of it so long. Well they are lucky that they dont half to come but I dont think they will. Many of the boy see much service over here without things change. Well I will be glad when I can come back and live like a white man again,


 but cant complain much. Have herd a for time and have been lucky havent been sick sense I been here. Have got a little cold now but that dont amount to nothing. I havent been on dressed for a long time. If I ever got a change to sleep in a bed  it will be pretty hard to get me out but dont think it will be long before we will be back. I think I will be home a year from now anyway. It cant last very much longer.


 Well mother dont worry about me I an all wright and will be home some of these days if I have good luck. Well mother I got to close for this time. What is the matter with Delma I havent heard from her for a long time but will get one in a few days. Well good by from Suy.


Censored by

2nd Lt. U.S.A.