Pierce 1.jpg

George Pierce

American Expeditionary Forces

Aug 18, 1918

Dear Sis. & Bro.,

I recd. Your letter to-day & was very glad to hear that you were well. So you had a speaker up there did you. Well he’s about right when he said a person has to turn his shirt in-side out to keep the coodies busy over nite. That do not always work either. We most always hang our shirts out on a tree & grenades at it until we have killed , wounded & shell shocked all of them. If there’s anything over here that we haven’t had or experienced I don’t know what it is. They have another little bug here its like the American jigger if that’s spelled right. The French call them scavies. They aren’t a very Pleasant thing to have, of course there’s lots of things here that worse than that. Big Berthas, gas , machine gun bullets & so forth. But we don’t expect to endure this very long because they can’t last forever. I guess that old man Bill is just a little bit worried now if the truth were known. Wont you think so, Lieut. Ritzentaler of our Co. left for the States a couple of days as instructor now he struck it lucky didn’t he? They sent a Sgt. or two back every mo. For a Six week course in Army Core school & then if he makes good they send him home as an instructor. They called for two from our Co. the time but none of them had been to the Core school so of course we were left out. But we are sending one to school in a couple of days so that we’ll be better Prepared the next time. Maby if the war lasts long enuff & I am lucky I might gat a chance to go some day. I’am Platoon Sgt. At the Present time. That isent so bad is it? I think I’am doing fine. I’am fourth ranking Sgt. In the Co. now of course that doesent count very much it’s the ability of a man that counts now one man stands as good a chance as another. I think that’s the way it should be don’t you? Wel Sis & Bro. I’am making a regular book of this so I guess I had better cut down a bit I had a few clippings I was going to send you but lost all of the but one but will send that just the same I’ll try & send you a few the next time. If you happen to see Lieut. Rick. In Boo. You can inquire about every thing & I know that he’ll be glad to tell you. You’ll find him a fine fellow. So don’t be afraid to ask him any thing about the boys that you want to know even if you are not acquainted with him. Well, Sis will close for this time hoping this letter finds you as well as it leaves me.

Lovingly your Brother

Sgt. George Pierce

Co. A, 128 Inf. N.G.

American E.F. France

P.S. Be sure 7 show John this clipping & maby he wont want to hunt Sufs. (sic) Ha, Ha! If hunting is poor over there tell him to come over here, there’s almost more than we can handle. Haps. (sic)