List of Family Histories in the SCHS Collection





Compiled by Descendants

 and Donated to the Sauk County Historical Society

As of September 2015



ALBERS                     An Albers-Meyer Family History by B.J. Hilmer, 2009

ALBERT                    Albert Family History by K.J. Nesenson

ALEXANDER            The Alvin & Emma Alexander Family

ALEXANDER              Jacob Alexander, His Ancestors and Descendants, Part I

ALEXANDER              Jacob Alexander, His Ancestors and Descendants, Part II

ALEXANDER              Descendants of Jan Alexander by R.G. Walker

ALEXANDER              The Diary of Sophie Stubaus Alexander, 1848-1931

ANDERSON               The Anderson and O'Neill Family History

ARMSTRONG                        An Armstrong Ancestry by J.E. Armstrong, 1990

AVERY                        My Paternal Ancestors (Avery, Benjamin, Powers, Scott & Treat)

                                                by R.B. Powers

AYERS                        Ayers-Kidder History by A.E. Ayers Kidder, 1999

BALDWIN                   Helen Baldwin and the Farm Kitchen

BARINGER              Love Links   (see Shale)

BARRINGER              Henry and Abigail Barringer by R.M. Curry

BASSETT                   Bassett Family History by L.M. Holden, 1990/1995

BATES                    Memorial of the Bates Family by J.L. Bates, 1884

BUZZO                                    Love Links   (see Shale)

CRARY                                    Anecdotes from the Life of Alice Alameda Crary Belfre by N.B. Woods

BENTLEY                   As the Tree is Bent - A Bentley Family History by Ruth Schmidt

BIEGE                         Biege Family

BITTNER                    The Bittner Family History

BLOEDAU                  Family and Ancestors of Daniel Bloedau & Christina Krienke 

                                                1750-2005 by B.J. Hilmer    (2 copies)

BOHN                     Their Paths Led Here   (see Robertson)

BOSSARD                  Eighty-one Years of Living by M. Bossrad, M.D.

BRECHTL                   Brechtl Family

BRECKA                     The Brecka Family by D. Brecka & N. Jenewein

BURMESTER             A Barn of The Place by R.S. Burmester

BURMESTER             The Henry Burmester Family

CAFLISCH                 A Family History by R. Doepke, 2011

CAFLISCH                  The Caflisch Family by C.M. Caflisch, 2008

CARGILL                    Cargill Beginnings by J.L. Work

CARR                          Carr Family by F. & E. Carr, J. & K. Carr, M.C. Carr

CASE                          William Case of England  1635-1984

CHAMNESS            Tinkham   (see Tinkham)

CHITTENDEN                    Chittenden-Loomis-Cavanaugh Genealogy

COENEN                    Shimmel Coenen  1917-1998

COLLER                     Descendants of John Coller by R.G. Walker

COOKE                   Their Paths Led Here   (see Robertson)

COOPER                    Lemuel & Matilda Cooper Family History  1815-1988  (2 copies)

CRARY                                    Alice Crary Belfre

CURRY                              Curry Combings by R. Curry

CUSHMAN              Their Paths Led Here   (see Robertson)

DARTT                                    Dartt Family by M. Thompson, 1928

DAVIS                     Davis Folks supplied by Audrey Davis Opperman

DOEPKE                    The Doepke Family by B. & B. Doepke

DOEPKE                    In a Military Manner, The Adventures of a Little M.P. by R. Doepke

DOEPKE                    Short Stuff, An Autobiography by R. Doepke

DONAHUE               Their Paths Led Here   (see Robertson)

DORAN                   The Long, Long Ago by Anna Dorgan Owens, 1963

DUBOIS                      Family Interest News by E. (Miller) (Jones) DuBois

DURBEN                   Family Tree and History of our Family

                                                by B. Bittner, V. & J. Durben, J. Hansen

FOX                            The Diary of Jared Fox  1852-54

FOX                            Jared Fox's Memorandum   

GAETZKE                  The Gaetzke Family Tree by R. Walker, 2001  (2 copies)

GAETZKE                   aDescendants of Jakob Gaetzke by R. Walker

GAETZKE                   Families Related to Gaetzkes  Volume I

GAETZKE                   Families Related to Gaetzkes  Volume II

GALLAGHER              Family History of James Gallagher 1802-1879

                                                and Catherine McHugh 1810-1904

GASKELL                   Ruth Gaskell Woodbury Family History 1636-1990

GASSER                     Gasser Family Tree

GASSER                    List of Descendants of Jacob Gasser

GLARNER               Yagy Family History    (see Yagy)

GILLINGHAM             The Gillingham Family History by R.C. Gillingham, Jr.

GRANT                                   ROBERT GRANT (1839-1919)  Volumes I & II

GREENSLIT               The Genealogy of Rev. War Pvt. John Greenslit

GRIFFIN                     A Few Ancestors and Relatives of John Raymond Griffin by J.R. Griffin

GRUBER                    The Gruber Family   1966

GRUBER                    The Captain's Daughter by E.D. Gruber

HACKETT                   The Hackett Family

HACKETT                   The Hackett Family Album   1949

HAMBLIN                Their Paths Led Here   (see Robertson)

HARMEL                    Descendants of Ferdinand and Louise Kalkbrenner Harmel

                                                by N. Seblom

HARRIS                      The Harris Family by S.J. (Harris) Keifer

HARRISON                The Harrison Family of Alexandria, Hunterdon Co., New Jersey

HATZ                           Family Stories by R. Hatz

HEBERT                     Hebert History by C.W. Ryan, 1978

HILL                           Mary Hill Diaries

HILL                            The Hills of Mars by D.R. Haskin

HILLMER                   Johann F. Hillmer and Catherine E. Scheller by B.J. Hillmer

HINRICHS                  The Fred Albert Hinrichs Family   (2 copies)

HOLLENBECK                      Some Ancestral Lines of the Hollenbeck Sisters by W.S. Gill

HOUSE                                   House Family History by I. Seaborn

HORZ                          Otto Horz   Volume II

HORZ                          Otto Horz  Volume III

JENKINS                    The Families of Warren Stanley Jenkins by G.F. Jenkins

JOHNSON               Love Links   (see Shale)

JUDEVINE                 Judevine Family History  Volume I by H. Stieve      

JUDEVINE                  Judevine Family  Volume II by H. Stieve

KELLER                    Keller Family History from 1812 to mid 1900s by J.K. Leitzke

KELLOGG                 The Kellogg Family of Sauk Co., Wisconsin by P.H. Hasheider

KIDDER                     Kidder Family History by W.L. Kidder, 1996

KIDDER                     Kidder/Schriber Genealogy by W.L. Kidder, 1989

KINDSCHI                 Family Histories -  Kindschi, Yagi, Steuber & Jenewein from 1840s

KINDSCHI                 The Kindschi Family by R.W. Pulver, 1980

KINDSCHI                 Johann Kindschi Family History – 1800-1990 by D. Kindschi  (2 copies)

KINDSCHI               Yagy Family History   (see Yagy)

KINGSLEY                Kingsley Family History by S.L. & J.C. Cunningham

KLEIN                       Yagy Family History   (see Yagy)

KRAEMER               Wisconsin Kraemers part I: The Old World of Bavaria, and Kraemer in Amerika.

                                        by Kennneth L. Kraemer  

KRAEMER                Kraemer in Amerika  Volume 1: The Kraemer Series  by Debra A. Blau &

                                        Kenneth L. Kraemer

KRAEMER                 A Kraemer Chronicle by C. Geesman   (2 copies)

LEISER                       Leiser Family History by K. Leiser & R. Kluck, 1993

LIEGEL                                   Liegel Family History by H.J.Liegel, 1974

LONG                         Everet James Long - The Story of a Life in Sauk Co., Wisconsin  

                                                by B.E. Long, 1998    (2 copies)

LONG                         The Longs of Longfield 1998 by D.M. Long-Howe Caragata

LUSBY                                    The Lusby Family of Baraboo, Wisconsin by H.Lusby Stieve

MAGLI                        Magli Family History by D. Kindschi, 1850-1987

MAGLI                        Magli-Cooper History by D. Kindschi, 1983

MALLON                    The Families of Roy and Eunice Mallon by K. Mallon Lester, 2001

MANTHE                    An Historical & Genealogical Survey of the Manthe – Schultz – Stiemke                                              Families of South Central Wisconsin by N.M. Manthe

MARTIN                    Love Links   (see Shale)

McINTYRE                Luke McIntyre Genealogy by W.L. & C.J. McIntyre, 2005

MEADOWS                Love Links   (see Shale)

MICHELS                   Michols of Germany and Dane & Sauk Counties, WI by N.L. Brown

MILLER                    The Miller Family History by R.V. Doepke

MITCHELLTREE        Mitchelltree/Tylee by D.D. Mitchelltree

MOELY                                   Family Record of Andreas & Elizabetu Moely by D. & M. Moely

MOORE                      See Ryan

MORSBACH              Morsbach Family History by A. & S. Barton

MUELLER                  Register of the Erhart Mueller Papers, 1864-1992

MULLIGAN                Their Paths Led Here   (see Robertson)

MURRAY                           The Murray Family, Bear Valley

NEWTON                    The Newton Genealogy by E.N. Leonard

O'BRIEN                    Tell Us About the Olden Days by L.M. O'Brien Huber

OCHSNER                 The Ochsner Story by Erhart Mueller   (2 copies)

O'CONNELL              From Modest Beginnings, Family History by G.H. O'Connell     

OWEN                         Genealogical History of Eva Marie Owen

PALMER                     The Palmer Family Lineage by H. Palmer Hyde

PECKHAM                The Peckham Family by C.W. Peckham, Sr.

PECKHAM                Index for Peckham Genealogy

POINTON                  Descendants of Mair Pointon by R. Doepke

PRONOLD                 The Genealogy and History of the Pronold Family 

                                                            by D. Danelski & P. Pulvermacher

RABUCK                    Rabuck Family History by M.P. Garver

RAGATZ                      Memoirs of a Sauk Swiss by Rev. O. Ragatz

RICE                           Rice Relatives from Ireland by C.W. Ryan, 1977

RINGLING                  A Chronological Study of the Wrangling Ringlings by D.L. Heflin 2002

RINKOB                     I Was Once Your Age by C.W. Rinkob

ROBERTSON             Their Paths Led Here by B.D. Larsen

ROBINSON               Their Paths Led Here by B.D. Larsen   (see Robertson)

ROBSON                    Robson Family History

RUGGLES                  Early Days in Baraboo, WI With The Ruggles by M.M. Ruggles

RYAN                          Descendants of Two Irish Families:  Ryan and Moore by C.W. Ryan

SANSUM                   Brand Book Number Seven   1983

SASSENRATH                       Sassenrath by E.T. Dorr, 1992

SCHELLER                Hilmer-Hillmer & Scheller  by B.J. Hilmer, 2007

SCHERF                     Scherf: Christian Andreas Scherf Family by R. Levine & P.S. Smith

SCHLIECKAU                        Family Histories by W.C. Schuette  (see Schuette)

SCHLUTER                Autobiographical Glimpses by H.C. Schluter

SCHLUTER                The Schluter Family History by Rev. H.C. Schluter, 1928

SCHNELLERS                       150 Years of Schnellers in America 1848-1998  by D.A. Lassos

SCHOEPHOERSTER Schoephoester Family History 1835-1984  by M.S. Moely

SCHUETTE                The Schuette Family Heritage by W.C. Schuette

SCHUETTE                Family Histories by W.C. Schuette

SCHULTZ                  Manthe – Schultz – Stiemke Families   (see Manthe)

SCHWEPPE               Yagy Family History   (see Yagy)

SEDER                                   The Seders: An American Family & its German Roots by A.R. Seder

SHALE                                    Love Links, A Family History by A.S. Zick & M.I. Shale   (see Zick)

SHULTIS                    Ernest R. White and Olive P. Shultis/Heritage Album

SKAVLEM                 The Skavlem and Odegarden Families by H.L. Skavlem

SMALL                                   Small Family Genealogy by S.L. & J.C. Cunningham

SPRECHER                Sprechers of Sauk County, Wisconsin

STEELE                      History of Crescent Meadow Farm by H. Stieve

STEINHORST             Descendants of Three Children of H. Steinhorst Who Immigrated to                                                            Sauk County by R.G. & L.L. Yeck, 2001

STIEMKE                  Manthe – Schultz – Stiemke Families   (see Manthe)

STIEVE                                   The Stieve Family in Sauk County by H. Stieve

STOLTE                      Stolte Family History by W.C. Schuette

STOLTE                      Family Histories by W.C. Schuette   (see Schuette)

STUPHAUS                Descendants of Johann Stuphaus by R.G. Walker

THAKE                                   Thake Family History by P.T. Luke

THERING                   Thering Family by E.L. Ringelstetter, 1987   (2 copies)

THOMAS                    Thomas Family History

TIFFANY                     Descendants of Reuben Ward and Jemima Tiffany by V.E. Uphold

TINKHAM                  Tinkham Families of Early Sauk Co., WI by R.S. Peterson, 1984

TYLEE                        Tylee From D.D.M. Knucky, 1988

TYLEE                        Mitchelltree/Tylee   (see Mitchelltree)

VAN HENGEL                        Descendants of Arent Theunissen Van Hengel by R.G. Walker

VAN ORDEN            Van Orden and Van Norden Family 1650-2003 by S. Iliff

VON WALD                Von Wald by D. Kindschi

WAKELEE                  The History of Wakelee by G.R. Cunningham

WARD                         Descendants of Reuben Ward and Jemima Tiffany by V.E. Uphold

WARNER                    Andrew Warner Family by F.M. Hart

WARNER                    Their Paths Led Here   (see Robertson)

WEBSTER                 Webster Family Tree by A.J. Moe

WHEELER                  Ella Wheeler Wilcox by M.P. Wheeler

WHITE                                    Ernest R. White and Olive P. Shultis/Heritage Album

WILCOX                    Their Paths Led Here   (see Robertson)

WILHELM                  Wilhelm Family History by M.E. Cushing, 1988                                         

WILKINSON              Clark Wilkinson Memoirs  

WORTH                     A Genealogical Record of the Family Worth by R.V. Doepke

WYMAN                      Ezra Wyman Family by R.V. Doepke

YAGY                           Yagy Family History 1717-1995   (3 copies)

YECK                          Ancestors & Relatives of Robert G. Yeck, 2002

YOUNG                       Young Genealogy  

ZICK                           Love Links/A Family History by A. Zick