Savage 1.jpg

Ernest C. Savage

3417-14th St., N.W.,

Wash., D.C.

H.E. Cole

Baraboo, Wis.

Dear Mr. Cole:-

       I am going to write you a little personal note and then you can chop it up and arrange it to suit yourself for publication.

       Sat. evening at 8;30 P.M. at the home of Mrs. C. Bjornson, 1st & B Sts. N.W. Miss Lula E. Brown, daughter of Mrs. Hettie V. Hayes of Tacoma, Wash. and Corp. Ernest C. Savage, son of Mr. & Mrs. H.W. Savage of Acton, Mont., were united in marriage by the Rev. Titus E. Davis, Pastor Westminster Presbyterian Church.

       The bride was attired in a beaded white georgette crepe gown and carried bridal roses. The bridesmaid, Miss Evelyn Bjornson wore a dainty white frock.

       The attending cuple was Sgt. Gerald L. Massey of Omaha, Nebr., and Miss Evelyn Bjornson of Wash. D.C.

       There you have the names and facts, not in the correct order but you can fix it up.

       I met Miss Brown while in training at Camp Lewis, American Lake, Wash. She was a very enthusiastic worker in Tacoma being treasurer of the Serve our Soldiers Club. (S.O.S. club) as well as helping at the Soldiers and Sailors Club House in Tacoma. She traveled across the continent, leaving Tacoma last Mon. and arriving here at noon Sat. Aug. 31.

       I am in the Photographic Detachment of the Signal Corps, finishing pictures at the Photographic Laboratories, Washington Barracks, Wash. D.C. Attended the photographic school at Columbia University for six weeks and was then sent here.

       Quite some little war romance Mr. Cole and we will be at home here at 3417-14thSt. N.W. until Uncle Sam sees fit to ship me elsewhere.

       The work I am doing now is for the Committee of Public Information in the War College here.

       Well so long, Mr. Cole. Suppose Baraboo is the same as ever.

       Yours as B4

       Corp. Ernest C. Savage