Niemann 1.jpg

Erhart C. Niemann

Ellington Field

San Leon, Texas

Oct. 26, 1918

Dear Mother and Father,

       I got the pillow case you sent me and it is just fine. Many boys asked me where I got it and many wanted to buy my pillow but nix, no money can get that from me. No, I am well and in great shape. We only had one death in this Field of Influenza and he was a boy from Houston, Texas, he had a very pretty funeral. The Ellington Military Band lead (sic) them and above were the aero plane, were hovering like big angels. They followed them all the way to the cemetery. I would like to have went but we were under quarantine but not everybody is quite well. They have lifted the quarantine, but I am not going out for sometime yet as therefore many of the people in town have it. You say I wish you could have some of the rain we are getting down here now its no good to us, we like it much better if it stays dry, the mosquitos don’t bother us so much then, it is raining fierce tonight and has most every day this week so you see everything is pretty much smeared with mud. I spose you have all your corn and potatoes out. Are your potatoes good this yea/ I don’t believe they were many in the south as they are giving us sweet potatoes most of the time we want them all we have  to do is go down to the gulf and fish them out. We have them quite often too and all the fish you want we have all we want to eat down here. I have always had white bread pure too and butter too, but you can not get it when you go too (sic) town. Well I have not much too (sic) write about as I have not been out of camp for two months only for a boat ride or a fly once in a while. So I will close hoping you are all well as I am feeling fine, as ever.

       Your own boy

       Erhart C. Niemann

Tell the boys to write soon

(Added to the back of letter.)

Dear Editor;

       I am enclosing this letter, print what you wish of it, we thought it of quite general intrest (sic), the writer is a son of Mr. & Mrs. C.F. Neiman, White Mound, Wis.

       I am sending him the “Baraboo News” each week since in March. He too would be pleased to see his letter in print, Yours,

       Mrs. Wm. Westinhauer