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Edward F. Herritz

Some – Where in France

September 30, 1918

Dear Folks:

     A few lines to let you know I am well and happy and hope this will find you all the same as always.

     Well its been a long time since I wrote last, I spose you have been worrying about me, not hearing from me for so long, so have time this afternoon, so I will write at once and tell you about our trip across the big sea, we had a nice little ride, I always wondered how big the sea was, but found out it was larger than I thought it was.

     I was sea sick the first four days, but after that we had a good old time. Ed Steive and all the other boys I know were all on the same ship. We are all together here like in Camp Grant, only farther apart, we are all split up in some bunches. We are not in camps yet, we are living with the French people so far. They sure are good people, they do anything for us they can. So I like it as far as I have went.

     It is nice and warm down here, everything is just as green as in the spring time, it don’t get very cold down here, it rains just about every day, but not much just a little shower at a time.

     They raise lots of grapes here, the grape fields look here like the large grainfields do at home, the people drink wine here, like you folks at home drink water, we had wine everyday so far.

     One thing is we can’t understand the people here. They can talk to us all day long, but can’t understand very much they say to me. I guess its quite hard to talk French, but we get along alright.

     I spose you got the card I sent you from England, we got off the ship where Jack lives. The Kaiser with his Submarine didn’t border (sic) us at all, I guess he hasn’t got any more.

     It is Monday today 2 o’clock P.M. It is about 8 o’clock there now.

     Is Paul still working in the quarry, wish I could work there, but will have to get the Kaiser first. Wish I had the motor cycle here, they have good roads, all paved just like a floor.

      Well I don’t know of any more to write, could write a whole lot more, but we can’t, another soldier and I are all alone today the other boys are all on a hike. Seems a little lonesome here, no papers to read or nothing to do, I didn’t get any mail yet. But expect some before long.

     I heard there was another registration, did Paul have to register?

     Hoping this will find you all well, and don’t worry about me as every think (sic) is alright. So will say goodbye. With Love.  Your son,

     Pvt. Edward F. Herritz, Co. F. 311 Engineers, America E.F. France