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Dewey Schuster

Pierrefitte, France


Dear Anna and all


       Guess its about time I am answering your last letter which I rec some time ago, but was too busy at the time to think of writing letters, but now that the war is over we have more time. How are you and the rest of the folks. Mother wrote me about the accident that Frank had . It was sure hard luck but he is lucky that he wasn’t killed.

       I am fine and dandy as usual.       

Just got through eating our Thanksgiving dinner. We had chicken & potatoes and of course we had old Army beans, apple pie, bread and coffee and believe me it was good, as pie and chicken is not in the Army ration, but leave it to us we got the chicken six of them, and you can bet we didn’t pay for them either. But it is a poor soldier who can’t get a feed when he wants it especially in war time. Well I got through the whole thing without a scratch and am glad now that I was in it, you have probably seen in the paper the different fronts we were on. The Alsace Front from there to Clateau Thierry, to the Sector North of Soissons and then to Verdun and was in an attack when the Armistace was signed and believe me we are all glad its over with. Now all we look for is the time when we will leave for the good old U.S.A. and it wont be long. I hope to be there for Easter if not sooner. Have you seen or heard from mother. How is Carl, spose he is quite a boy now. Well it is getting too dark to see to write, so will close for now.

             As Ever

      Pri Dewey Schuster

A.   Co. 1st. Army Bn.

Military Police Corp

A.P.O. 774 A.E.F. France

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