Devils Doorway 3.jpg

Devils Lake

Sauk County Historical Society

Air View, 9-2002CE,  c. 2000

Air View, 9-2002CF, view from air, and also Circus World Museum

Balance Rock, 9-2002BV

Balance Rock, UN861, c. 1915

Balanced Rock, 9-2002BK

Balanced Rock, 9-2002CD, c. 2000

Bath House, 9-2002AZ, north shore

Bathers, 2-2003CJ

Bathing Beach, 9-2002CIG

Bathing Beach, 9-2002CIH

Beach, 9-2002AK, Bathing beach, north shore

Bluff View, 9-2002BZ, looking east, c. 1921

Bluffs, 2-2004JV, 1962

Boaters, 2-2004CA

Boat Race Starters, a Civil War cannon started boat races in 1877. (For article on races see

             Baraboo News Republic, June 7, 2006). Photo loaned by Bob Dewel.

Castle Rock, 1-1993, c. 1908

Cave, 9-2002AX

Chateau, 9-2002AG, north shore, gift shop, refreshments, dance floor

Chateau, UN775, north shore

Cleopatra’s Needle, 2-2004KJ, 1923

Cleopatra’s Needle, 9-2002BO

Cleopatra’s Needle, 9-2002BQ

Cliff House, 9-2002AV, north shore

Cliff House, 9-2002BB, W.B. Pearl, Proprietor

Devil’s Doorway, 2-2003BT, rock formation

Devil’s Doorway, 2-2003BU, rock formation

Devil’s Doorway, 2-2003BV, rock formation

Devil’s Doorway, 2-2003CE, note bird mound in background

Devil’s Doorway, 22-1993G31 [C39G31], looking east, c. 1908

Devil’s Doorway, 9-2002BF, c. 1908

Devil’s Doorway, 9-2002BM, 1914

Devil’s Doorway, 9-2002CB

Devil’s Doorway, 9-2002CH, c. 2000

Devil’s Doorway, H11-1995, c. 1905

Devil’s Doorway, UN863, c. 1921

E. Bluff looking W. 14-1997

East Shore, 9-2002BY

Elephant Cave, 2-2004KF, on East bluff, with carvings on the wall which appear to be people.

Elephant Rock, 14-1997D

Elephant Rock, 2-2003IS

Elephant Rock, 2-2004ET, negative

Elephant Rock, 5-1997D

Elephant Rock, 9-2002BI

From Warner Rd., 9-2002BS

Golf Course, 2-2004EX, negative

Golf Course, 9-2002AU, driveway from west bluff

Golf Course, 9-2002BA

Group, 2-2004KO, of boys & men seated on the rocks

Group, 2-2004KP, of boys & men & one lady

Group, 2-2004KQ, of boys & men, one with a snake

Kashawago Creek, 9-2002BJ, at Messenger Shore, c. 1955

Kirkland Hotel, 5-1987, c. 1908

Kirkland Landing, 9-2002AC

Kirkland Landing, UN815, c. 1905

Lake, 9-2002AB, c. 1906

Lake, 9-2002AD

Lake View, 9-2002AM, c. 1907

Lake View Hotel, c. 1911 (from packet of postcards, owner unknown)

Lakeview Hotel, 9-2002AE

Lynx Mound, 2-2003IT

Messenger Shore, c. 1916 (from packet of postcards, owner unknown)

Morris Hotel, 9-2002CIN. C. 1911.

N. Shore, 9-2002AL

N. Shore Boat Landing, UN862,

North Bluff, 2-2004JU, NE end of E. Bluff

North Shore, 2-2003CH

North Shore, 2-2003CK, pier

North Shore, 2-2003CL

North Shore, 2-2004KA, from high above

North Shore, 9-2002AQ

North Shore, 9-2002AT, boat landing

North Shore, 9-2002CIB, Beach

North Shore Rd, 9-2002CC, autumn view of north shore road

Paddle Wheeler, 2-2004EW, tourist boat, negative

Panorama, 9-2002AP, looking south from north shore

Panorama, 9-2002CIE, metallic postcard

Panorama, UN318

Panoramic, 9-2002AW, c. 1908

Panoramic, 9-2002BL

People, 2-2004ED, group seated in the rocks, negative

People, 2-2004JS, Boys & man on the rocks

People on Rocks, 2-2005X, “Gottlieb F. Roeszel, Artist, Baraboo”

Prospect Point, 9-2002AN, 610 feet above lake

R.R. Tracks, 2-2003BQ, Approach to Cliff House from south, people on tracks

R.R. Tracks, 2-2003BR, Approach to Cliff House from south

Refreshments, 9-2002BC

Ringling Cottage. Loaned by Mrs. Charles Ringling Lancaster, Sarasota, FL.

Rocks, 2-2004EP, negative

Rocks, 2-2004EQ, negative

Rocks, 2-2004ES, negative

Rocks, 2-2004EV, negative

Rocks, 2-2004EY, negative

Rocks, 2-2004JX, with Lyle Clarke

Rocks, 2-2004JY

Rocks, 2-2004JZ, with Lillian Fenz Clarke

Rocks, 2-2004KB,

Rocks, 2-2004KD, “Toole”, man on rocks

Rocks, 2-2004KH

RR Curve, 9-2002AJ

RR Tracks, 2-2004ER, around the lake, negative

RR Tracks, 2-2004JW, along the shore

RR Tracks, 2-2004KC, along the shore

RR Tracks, 2-2004KK, along the shore

S. Shore Bath House, 9-2002AF

S. Shore Camp, (from packet of postcards, owner unknown)

S. Shore Road, (from packet of postcards, owner unknown)

Shadow Town, 9-2002CIC

Shadow Town, 9-2002CID

Shed, 2-2004JT, on South shore

South Beach, (from packet of postcards, owner unknown)

South Shore, 9-2002CIA, c. 1909, view across lake

Stone Face, 9-2002BT, 600 feet above lake

Stone Face, 9-2002CA, c. 1903

Stone Face, 9-2002CI, c. 1908

Superintendent, 9-2002BD, Mr. Hawkins, c. 1915

Superintendent Home, c. 1939 (from packet of postcards, owner unknown)

Swimmers, 2-2003BN

Swimmers, 2-2003BO

Swimmers, 2-2003BP

Swimmers, 2-2004X, on a pier, c. 1917

Train, 2-2004EU, at stop on north shore, negative

Turk’s Head, 2-2004KE, man seated on top

Turk’s Head, 2-2004KI, in winter from the back, 1923

Turk’s Head, 2-2004KL, T.F. Risley collection

Turk’s Head, 9-2002AO

Turk’s Head, 9-2002BW

Turk’s Head, 9-2002CIF

View from Bluff, 2-2003BS

Warner Rd., 14-1997C, view from tourist’s camp, Eternal Hills in distance

Warner Rd., 2-2004KG, 1923

Warner Road, (from packet of postcards, owner unknown)

Watchman, UN865

Watchman, UN880, 600 feet above lake

Water Slide, 9-2002AS, bathing beach, north shore

West Bluff, 19-1989NE, old stone fireplace

West Bluff Trail, 9-2002CG, view of lake, c. 2000

Wine Cellar, 2-2003HR, group of people, c. early 1900's