Devil's Lake Park Places


Chateau Cottages

A group of cottages that were once located close to the babbling brook near the North Shore. The Chateau rented the cottages to park visitors.


The Chateau under construction in the early 1920s., top. The early style of the Chateau, bottom. The window gables were later removed.

Devil’s Lake Golf Clubhouse

The Devil's Lake Golf Clubhouse was the principal building of the Devil's Lake Golf Course. The Clubhouse became the Park Nature Center when the golf course was removed. The building is located off the North Park entrance road.

Filling Station

A gas station was once located near the Prader's Pavilion on the South shore up until the 1930s. Note the price of gas was 14 cents per gallon! That’s about $1.30 in today’s dollars—still a bargain.

Kirkland Depot

A railroad flag station near the Kirkland Hotel. The station was moved 1200 ft. South in 1908 and was removed in 1938.

Nature Center

The Devil's Lake Nature Center opened in 1964 and is located along the Lake Road North entrance drive. The Center has natural history exhibits on the park's wildlife and fauna. The center also has displays on the geological background of the Devil's Lake area. There is a schedule of instructional programs for center visitors. The Nature Center also offers guided nature hikes by park staff.

The nature center was remodeled in 1965 and 1966. George Knudtson, (DNR chief Parks Naturalist) designed most of the displays of the center and Kenneth Lange, (Park Naturalist) organized and arranged many of the center's displays. The Nature Center was the former Club House of the Devil's Lake Golf Course.

Two of several panoramas depicting the evolution of the lake.

Two of several panoramas depicting the evolution of the lake.

North Shore Bathhouse

This North Shore Bathhouse was built in 1936 by the CCC. 

This bath house was constructed before 1936. Note the bather’s suits.

North Shore Office

The old office as it looked in 1936

The old office as it looked in 1936

Devil’s Lake State Park headquarters is located near the North Shore picnic area. It was built by the Civilian Conservation Corps (CCC)

A park administrative office located near the North Shore, was built by the CCC in 1939.

A park administrative office located near the North Shore, was built by the CCC in 1939.

North Shore Pavilion

Screen Shot 2018-02-19 at 8.44.09 PM.png

The North Shore Pavilion is another name for the Prader Pavilion. The Pader Pavilion was replaced by the Chateau in 1925.

North Shore Shelter

One of several park shelters available for park activities and protection from inclement weather.

Old Settler’s Cabin

This cabin was built through the efforts of William H. Canfield and Frank Hackett in 1909. The cabin was to be the assembly hall for the Old Settlers Association. Property for the cabin was donated by Mrs. Messenger with the stipulation that there was to be no intoxicating beverages served. The cabin could be reached from a trail leading from Messenger Shore. The location of the cabin proved to be impractical for the meetings.

Mr. Canfield can be seen standing in front of the cabin in the photo at the right.

Old Settler’s Tree House

William Canfield had hopes of creating a meeting place for the Old Settler's Association. Canfield built two structures in the Southwest corner of the lake. The site of his cabin and tree house proved to be impractical for the members of the association and Canfield's meeting hall never caught on.

Park Superintendent’s Residence

At one time, the Park Superintendent lived by the lake. This building was torn down.

Sandy Beach Bathhouse

This bath house is located on the South Shore of Devils Lake.

South Shore Lodge

This park building was once the Ringling Bungalow.

South Shore Railroad Station

This small railroad depot was once located near the Kirkland Hotel and was known as the "Kirkland Depot". The station was removed in the 1950s

South Shore Picnic Shelter

The South Shore Shelter is located in the South Shore Picnic area and was built in 1956.

Wine Cellar

This wine cellar was used by the Kirkland Hotel for local wine production and sales.