A normal Sunday afternoon at the lake

A normal Sunday afternoon at the lake

Devil’s Lake Collection

Located at the Nature Center

Copied Sept & Oct 2006

Sauk County Historical Society

Alvah Boat. At Messenger landing, c. 1900


Baraboo Plane 1911. first plane to land in Baraboo

Barn, NW Corner

Bath House 1

Bath House 2

Bath House, Bridge. New bath house, old bridge to cottage area. Dec. 1936.

Bath House Construction 2. Pouring floor. Nov. 1936. North Shore

Bath House Construction 3. Interior, basement. Dec. 1936.

Bath House Construction 4. Interior, basement. C. 1936.

Bath House Construction 1. Clearing land for a new bath house.

Bath House, North Shore 2, 1938

Bath House, North Shore 1, 1938

Bath House Shore.

Bath House, South Shore 1, built 1957

Bath House, South Shore 2, built 1957

Beach. C. 1920's

Bird Feeder, Claude house

Bird Mound 1920.

Blasting Shelter. Used around 1910.

Bldg Near Cliff House. People in front.

Boat, Minniwaukan, 1st steamboat on Devil’s Lk, launched Aug. 5, 1869, steamed up and made

      3 trips the following day, Mrs. Abraham Lincoln, Ella Wheeler Wilcox & U.S. General

       Grant were passengers on the boat when they visited the lake.

Boat 2

Boat 3, in dry dock

Boat House 1860, at Devil’s Lake, drawing.

Boat Landing. Early 1900's, two men on pier

Boat, Wisconsin

Boat, Wisconsin 1

Boat, Wisconsin 2

Boat, Wisconsin 3

Boatmen. Albert Marquardt, center; Fred Martin, standing left; north shore, c. 1900. “Candy and Ice Cream stand was also part of this concession, which was run by Gustave Marquardt, brother of Albert.”

Borrow Pit. Near RR Tracks, in winter. C. 1936.

Buggy, with people

Building Site. In winter. Stones, people.

Cahoon Mine, c. 1935.

Campers, 1959. Car, tents.

Campers 1, family

Campers 2, trailer

Campers 3, man in front of trailer

Campers 4, 2 women, man in front of camper, c. 1940's

Campers 5, car & tent, c. 1932

Campers 6, family, c. 1950's

Campers 7, lady & dog

Campers 8, girl & 2 boys

Campers 9, man in hammock

Campers 10, lady by trailer

Campers 11, man, woman, hammock, 1940

Campers 12, family, c. 1950's

Campers, July 1959. Cars, tents.

Campers, July 1961. Tents, cars, camping trailer.

Campground 1936. Picnic tables.

Campground 1945. Postcard. South Shore.

Caterpillar. Plowing snow. C. 1936.

CCC 1936, workers outside a building.

CCC, 2 men, color. Lawrence Taresa, Madison; Clarence Van Leeuwen, Utility man, 1936.

CCC 3, Water tower

CCC 4, Parking lot

CCC 5, Log signs pointing the way to sites on the lake.

CCC 6, lines of man, possibly waiting in a chow line.

CCC 7, Storage bin, possibly for rock or cement.

CCC 8, men building a rock path.

CCC 9, men standing at attention near barracks.

CCC 10, view of camp from the bluff.

CCC 11, view of camp from the water tower.

CCC 12, workers taking a break.

CCC Barracks, colorized view inside barracks.

CCC Bird Feeders.

CCC Building.

CCC Camp 1, “The Civilian Conservation Corps worked in the park from 1934 to 1941. This is a view of their camp in 1935. Other buildings were added later. This area is now used for indoor group camping. The only buildings still standing are: 1. Restrooms, 2. Barracks & Kitchen, 3. A storage  & work shed.

CCC Camps, in Wisconsin map.

CCC Fireplace

CCC Foremen, sitting on rocks.

CCC Poster 1, Civilian Conservation Corps

CCC Poster 2, Recruiting poster

CCC Shed.

CCC Sign 2, Recruiting poster

CCC Sign 3, Red Elfman, Wm Terwall, Oscar Schneider, Ray Reinhand, Richard Wagner

CCC Sign, Camp Devils Lake

CCC Truck, men loaded on trucks, off to a day’s work. Man standing by truck on left is Ray Powell; Eugene Obert is man on right, shirt sleeves rolled up, City Engineer at Portage; Albin R. Carlson

      (a carpenter), standing on extreme right, hands in pockets.

Chateau 1, North shore

Chateau 2, North shore

Chateau 3, North shore, in winter

Chateau 4, North shore, c. 1920

Chateau 5, North shore, c. 1930

Chateau Cottages 1, c. late 1930's

Chateau Cottages 2, in winter

Chateau Cottages 3

Civil Eng Building, Civil Engineering Camp, c. 1950-58.

Civil Eng House, Civil Engineering Camp, c. 1950-58.

Civil Eng Kitchen, Civil Engineering Camp, c. 1950-58. Kitchen & Commissary.

Civil Eng Sleep Trailer, Civil Engineering Camp, c. 1950-58. And storage shed.

Civil Eng Toilet 1, Civil Engineering Camp, c. 1950-58.

Civil Eng Toilet 2, Civil Engineering Camp, c. 1950-58. Student Toilet & washroom

Civil Eng Toilet 3, Civil Engineering Camp, c. 1950-58. Student Toilet

Civil Eng Toilet 4, Civil Engineering Camp, c. 1950-58. Men’s & Women’s Toilet

Civil Eng Toilet 1, Civil Engineering Camp, c. 1950-58. Instructor’s toilet & washroom

Claude Cottage

Claude Dining Room

Claude East Porch

Claude East Side Woodshed

Claude Family 4

Claude Family 9, Home of Louis J. Claude, between Waterhead-Ambleside-Westmoreland, England. Drawing by Jane Claude Cannon.

Claude Family 9, lady

Claude Family 13, lady

Claude Family 14, man

Claude Family 15, man

Claude Family 16, lady

Claude Family 17, 2 men, 2 ladies

Claude Fence, split rail fence

Claude Fireplace 2. Letter written by “Ellie” in 1998 says: “My brother has the leopard skin that is hanging over the chair. On the mantle the....my mother has the candle sticks, cup & saucers.”

Claude Fireplace 3. See above.

Claude Fireplace, hand-carved by Mr. Claude.

Claude Home England, “Drawing made by Aunt Mary Claude of Louis J. Claude on the porch at Rothe Bank near Ambleside, England, L. Claude 6 years, c. 1823.” Drawing.

Claude House 1, in winter

Claude House 10, summer

Claude House 11, summer

Claude House 12, 3 ladies in front

Claude House 13, summer

Claude House 14, man & horse in front

Claude House 15, hand colored, lake in background

Claude House 16, summer

Claude House 17, with rail fence

Claude House 1888

Claude House 1889, in summer

Claude House 1938, in winter

Claude House 2, summer

Claude House 3, with car in front

Claude House 4,

Claude House 5, lake in background

Claude House 6, winter

Claude House 7, winter

Claude House 8, summer

Claude House 9, with lady in front

Claude House. Sign says 1857, the date the house was built.

Claude Kitchen

Claude, L.W.

Claude, Louis, age 16 (photo by Curtiss, Madison)

Claude, Louisa Agusta, grandmother of Louis & Louisa Claude

Claude, Louis. Grandfather of Louis J. Claude, photo taken from lithograph made by his daughter,  Dorothea Claude Cannon.

Claude, Louise 1

Claude, Louise 2

Claude LR, Living Room

Claude LR 2, Living Room

Claude Parlor

Claude Parlor 2

Claude Pasture, view of the lake

Claude Rail Fence

Claude South Porch

Claude Stained Glass, window

Claude Stained Glass Entrance

Claude, W. Gate. House, fence.

Claude Wood Storage Shed, with 1857 sign

Cliff House & Pavilion.

Cliff House 1

Cliff House 2, “Bird’s Eye View”

Cliff House 3, people in front

Cliff House 4, from front

Cliff House 5, from front

Cliff House 6, from front

Cliff House 7, from front

Cliff House 8, in winter

Cliff House 9, people on porches

Cliff House 10, lakefront view

Cliff House 11, from above

Cliff House 13. In winter. Side view showing kitchen, ice house, milk house, dining room, side porch.

Cliff House 14. View from top of East Bluff. Also visible are railroad tracks and beach.

Cliff House Annex

Cliff House Annex 2, people around

Cliff House Annex 3, man in front

Cliff House Annex 4, People around

Cliff House Annex 5, man in front

Cliff House by Lake. Viewed from in the lake.

Cliff House Desk, men at front desk in lobby, on right is Wm Pearl, manager. Post office on left.

Cliff House Dining, with tables set

Cliff House Dining 2

Cliff House Fishermen, at boat landing

Cliff House Pavilion

Cliff House Pavilion 2

Cliff House People Stereo, 1886

Cliff House Rd, road to Cliff House on North Shore

Cliff House Regatta 2, 1877, boat races

Cliff House Regatta 1877, boat races

Cliff House Stereo 2, view towards lake

Cliff House Stereo 3, view from the lake shore

Cliff House Stereo 4, view from croquet court

Cliff House Stereo 5, from porch, looking towards lake

Cliff House Stereo 6. People on porch.

Cliff House Stereo, 1886

Cliff House, viewed from above

Cottage Williamson, along the lake

Cottages 1955, along lake shore

Cottages 1

Cottages 2, North shore, c. 1940's

Cottages 3, in winter, c. 1940's

Croquet Players. c. 1903. Ladies playing croquet.

Cut S. Shore 2. Building RR tracks.

Cut S. Shore. Building RR bridge.

Denzer Store. Interior shot.

Depot c 1930.

Depot. Lake View Hotel sign on left.

Dining Room 1

Dining Room 2

DL Quarry 1, 1920's. The pit.

DL Quarry 2, 1920's. Men in front of shed

DL Quarry 3, 1920's. The pit.

DL Quarry 4, 1920's. Crew at the pit.

DL Quarry 5, 1920's. Crew at the pit.

.Dressing Court. In new bath house. Dec. 1936.

E. Bluff, 1920's

E. Bluff Quarry, 1907. Looking across the lake.

Eagle Craig 1860, at Devil’s Lake, drawing

Eagle Craig, 1870. In front of house. People, horse. Mike Powers, hired man.

East Bluff RR Tracks. Before 1895.

East Trail. Postcard.

Elephant Cave, 1880's. Stereo Card

Elephant Rock, with much graffiti

Employees 1983. At Devil’s Lake. L-R: Jeff Lepley, Maintenance Foreman; Tom Brockley, Carpenter; Dave Bouche, Assistant Superintendent of Maintenance & Development; Ken Lange, Naturalist; Melody Wartzok, Assistant Superintendent of Law Enforcement & Public Contact; Lyle Reinfeldt, Park Ranger; Wayne Schutte, Superintendent; Ed McFarlane, Mechanic; Jim Janowak, Natural Resources Assistant; Caryl Pfaff, Secretary and Receptionist; Dennis Steinke, Natural Resources Assistant; Jim Froelich, Natural Resources Assistant.

Employees 1984. See photo for names.

Family Descriptions

Family Descriptions 1

Family Descriptions 2

Family Hikers. c. 1900. On top of the bluffs.

Farmers Picnic. People in field waiting for train.

Fireplace 1. c. 1917, Mrs. Taylor & children. Chimney revomed in 1930's to prevent people from

       lighting fires. Cottage was removed years before that.

Fireplace 2. Lady sitting on remnants of fireplace & chimney.

Fireplace 3. c. 1915. Young man standing on fireplace.

GAR Band Camping

Gas Station, Sinclair station near the park, price 19 cents/gallon

Geology Students, from Northwestern University, 1910

Golf Course 1. Baraboo Golf Club, Devil’s Lake. 1941. 9-hole course. Clubhouse is now Nature Center.

Golf Course 2. Baraboo Golf Club, Devil’s Lake. 1941

Golf Course 3. Baraboo Golf Club, Devil’s Lake. 1941

Gravel Pit. South end of lake in winter.

Hayride 1. Aug. 1911. Adults and kids on hay wagon pulled by horse. “Hayrack rides, annual

       entertainment for the guests in the adjoining cut-over hay meadows and sometimes as far as the

       Dells & Baraboo. We seldom joined these all day drives, perhaps only once in 14 years. But I find

       at left, foreground, three famine members of group Agnes Anderson, our La Crosse guest, age 13,

       myself 11and my ___?, age 13, Stephen age 7, must have been out of view.

Headquarters 1,

Headquarters 2

Headquarters 3

Headquarters 4

Headquarters 5, under construction

Headquarters 6, under construction

Headquarters 7, this old park office was a Luther cottage. Later moved & used as golf pro shop at Baraboo golf course. Eventually torn down.

Henry, Louise, born Claude, born 5 April 1798; died 15 July 1839. Sketch made 1840.

High Water 1, North shore, c. 1940's

High Water 1920's

High Water 1973-1, picnic table

High Water 1973-2, South shore road

High Water 1973-3, crossing road

High Water 1973-4

High Water 1973-5

High Water 1973-6

High Water North Shore.

Hikers 1, 1919, man on top of tall rock

Hikers 1, men & women, pre 1900

Hikers 2, 1919, six young men on rock

Hikers 3, 1919, young men & horse on rock outcrop

Hikers c. 1890. Climbing the bluffs.

Hikers c. 1900. Boy and man on top of bluffs.

Hikers on Bluffs, pre 1900

Hikers. On the rocks along lake.

Hikers. Young people on rock on bluffs.

Hopkin’s Quarry, later used by CCC for source of stone for their projects.

Indian Marker 1910, on NW corner of picnic area, North shore

Indian Marker 1920-1, bent tree on North shore

Indian Marker 1920-2, bent tree on North shore

Indian Marker 1936, woman on bent tree trunk

Install Plumbing. Dec. 1936. In new bath house.

John Muir Boat. Postcard. Paddle wheeler on the lake.

Johnson, Archie

Kids on Boat. August 1900. “In striped sweater, my brother, Stephen Marteudale (or Masteudale) V, age 6, at our pier by Cottage No. 1of ten extending along the shore line North shore by Chicago & N.W. depot, with children of other cottage guests.

Kirk Footbridge, near Kirkland

Kirk’s Barn 1

Kirk’s Barn 2, 1912

Kirkland 1, people on a rail handcar, 1897.

Kirkland 1895 Stereo.

Kirkland 1910. Pavilion, postcard.

Kirkland 2, woman & baby on front porch.

Kirkland Boat Landing 1.

Kirkland Boat Landing 1. man on pier

Kirkland Dining Hall. Ladies doing the wash outside building.

Kirkland Dining Rm

Kirkland Grape Arbor, Stereo Card

Kirkland Hotel 1, postcard

Kirkland Hotel 2, and cottage

Kirkland Hotel 3, front view

Kirkland House 1

Kirkland House 2, 1939

Kirkland Pavilion 1, in winter

Kirkland Pavilion 2, in winter

Kirkland Pavilion 3, postcard

Kirkland People 1903. Note with photos reads: “We gathered for the picture but activities except for an annual hay ride of the collagers were very much family affairs. The pavilion served delicious meals available to our guests and selves. From left: 1. Oldest son in the Chicago Meyers family who occupied the last lakeside in the row (No. 10) every year for a month. The father of the family is at right end. Mr. Terwilliger, the tall man with straw hat stands behind and to the left of Mr. Meyers Sr. He was, I suppose, owner as well as Manager. Another Meyers son has his arms around the dog in cart at center of group. 6. The station agent for the N.W. Railroad station as pictured – the entrance X the resort. 8. My older sister, Henretta. 11. (Benind) my mother, Mrs. Stephen Martiudale (fathers joined us weekends and usually more of ten, taking train back and forth). 12. Partially obscured, my young brother, Stephen V. 13. Young Meyer mentioned above and next behind is myself. The resort and the lake, pavilion enroute with cottages along edge of lake, facing South, were in the direction we were facing in the picture. When we climbed the rocky bluffs we started across the railroad tracks thru a beautiful fenced meadow land to reach the bluff.”

Kirkland RR Tracks. c. 1905.

Kirkland Shore. Two couples going for a boat ride.

Kirkland Tents

Kirkland Wine Cellar 1, “Torn down in 1925. Wine was made from grapes raised in Kirk’s vineyard, stored in basement and served the following year in room above cellar.”

Kirkland Wine Cellar 2

Kirkland Wine Cellar 3, people standing on porch

Koshawago Clubhouse 1

Koshawago Clubhouse 2, in color

Kunce, Alfred. In boat, “Herfort Launch 1915.”

Ladies on Rocks

Lagoon Crossing. Dirt trail.

Lake, Birds Eye, view from above

Lake View Hotel Ad 1

Lake View Hotel Ad 2

Lake View Hotel Beach

Lake View Hotel Guest, seated on bench in front of hotel.

Lake View Hotel Workers, standing in front of hotel.

Lake View Hotel 1, view along lake

Lake View Hotel 2, panoramic view of hotel.

Lake View Hotel 3, Lower floor, dance hall; 2nd  floor, dining, kitchen; 3rd floor, rooms.

Lake View Hotel 4

Lake View Hotel 5, postcard, 1906

Lake View Hotel 6, postcard, 1914

Lange, Ken, with kids on Nature Hike, July 1983

Lincoln Plaque. June 3, 1903. “The great granite rock from which President Roosevelt addressed the people of Freeport, Ill, this week was taken from Devil’s Lake, Wisconsin, some months ago by funds raised by members of the Freeport Women’s Club. It marks the historic spot on which Lincoln and Douglas stood in one of their seven memorable debates. The rock is so large that it was necessary to hire the Chicago & Northwestern wrecker in order to lift piece of rock upon cars in order to carry it away.”

Loading Rock. Along RR tracks.

Loddie’s Mill & Dam. Painting by J.F. Gasser.

Log Cabin East Bluff 1

Log Cabin East Bluff 2, Stereo card

Log Cabin, Last. “Log building on East Sauk Road between Devil’s Lake and Sauk Prairie. Supposed to be the last building in Sauk County covered with shakes or oak shingles made by hand. Jardo or   Jardeau once burned charcoal here about 1890. Picture June 19, 1925.”

Logging. Horse pulling large log on sled, man standing on log. Location unknown.

Low Water North Shore, from above

Lynx Mound North Shore

Mapping 1928-1, L-R: Wilgus, Dahlgren, Huncziker, Gallatin, Veselsky, Luebkerman, Ashley, Eberhardt, Crook (or Cook), L.L. Thivaites. Mapping 1928.”

Mapping 1928-2, “Mapping class, Kirkland Lodge. April 21, 1928. McKee, Krumholtz, Bean, Morris, Fielder, Frederickson, Calif, Overstreet, Mickelson, Perko, Mrs. Holscher, Chamberlin, Marucheck, Hanners, Curtiss, Paulson, Burkeley, Tommy, Thwaites, Twenhofel, Bemis. F Thwaites, photographer.

Mapping 1928-3. “Conference over the table on East Bluff. Gaenslen, Graetz, F.T.T. Wilcox. Fred Thwaites, Photographer.

Marquardt 1, 2 ladies on rocks (Marquardt photos from Ella Marquardt album)

Marquardt 2, 2 ladies on rocks

Marquardt 3, Mr. Patterson from Chicago (took the Marquardt photos)

Marquardt 4, lady blowing horn, possibly calling her family

Marquardt 5, lady on rock outcrop

Marquardt 6, 2 ladies on rocks overlooking South shore

Messenger Cabin 1887, boys at cabin on Messenger Shore. L-R: H.C. Page, Mike Cunningham, Charles Williams, Willie Crouch, Howard Potter, Bruce Strolhess (reclining).

Messenger House 1930

Messenger House, High Water

Messenger Shore 1890

Messenger Shore Cabin, 1969

Messenger Shore, early 1950's

Messenger Shore, postcard

Mattieu, Marie Judith; died 1828, great grandmother Claude, mother of Louis Claude, died 1828; grandmother of Louis J. Claude, died 1893; original portrait in Oshkosh Museum.

Millan 1916-1, possibly bee hives

Millan 1916-2, North shore

Millan 1916-3, prairie

Mini-Wauken 1. Steam powered excursion boat.

Mini-Wauken 2. Steam powered excursion boat. Enlargement from Mini-Wauken 1 photo.

Mound, N. Shore.

Muellen 1948-1, men, possibly at the quarry

Muellen 1948-2, boat landing in the Dells

Muellen 1948-3, rustic road near the lake

Mueller 1, South side

Mueller 2, South side

Mueller 3, looking North across lake from South side

Mueller 4, North Moraine

Native American on Bluff. c. 1910-15

Nature Hike, 1965. At Balance Rock. With Kent Smith.

Nature Hike, kids on bluffs, c. 1983

North Shore Parking

North Shore, view across lake

North Shore View

NPS Clerks Office. 1936. (National Park Service).

NW U Students, 1910. Northwestern University students.

Oats Shocks. Somewhere on the bluffs.

Office. Car. C. 1930's.

Old Campsite. RR tracks crossing.

Old Settlers Cabin 1, 2 men seated

Old Settler’s Cabin 2, Canfield standing outside

Old Settler’s Cabin & Tree House, of Wm Canfield

Overpass 1. Rock structure, with a road under.

Overpass 2. Same as Overpass 1.

Palisade Development. Road, cows along side.

Palisade Park AD-1, brochure

Palisade Park AD-2, brochure

Palisade Park AD-3, brochure

Palisade Park AD-4, brochure

Palisade Park Guests

Palisade Park, postcard

Panoramic Hotel 1, postcard

Panoramic Hotel 2, c. 1929

Parfrey’s Glen 1, 1897, looking up near bend, photo by Wm H. Dudley

Parfrey’s Glen 2, 1897, falls in upper end, photo by Wm H. Dudley

Parfrey’s Glen 3, 1889, people

Park Crew 1951. 9/29/51. At Jim Halstead’s Cottages. Larry Zanto, A. Potter, Ralph Tuttle, Bill

       Sweatland, Frank Marquardt, Herman Luther, Ralf Halvorsen, Fritz Kesar, Hank Wilson,

      Charley Dennis.

Peck’s Corners School. c. 1904.

People Devils Lake, people position themselves to spell out “Devils Lake”

People on Pier, pre 1900

Pfeffer, Anton Gottlieb. Self Portrait, original in Oshkosh museum. Father of Louisa Agusta Pfeffer Claude; grandfather of Louis J. Claude; great grandfather of Louis & Louise Claude.

Picnic Tables.

Pier 2, c. 1900, in front of old lime cellar on South shore, cattle watering place beyond pier

Pier 3, North end, boat

Pier, North Shore

Pine Hollow 1948. Men logging, truck. Hubert Thompson on truck. Albert Potter on right.

Pothole, circular depression in a rock

Quarry 1, 1948. Dump cars on track.

Quarry 1, railroad car and tracks along shore, 1912

Quarry 2, 1948. Men loading cars.

Quarry 2, workmen with crusher in background, 1897

Quarry 3, 1948. Loading RR Car.

Quarry 3, rock crusher, 1912

Quarry 4, 1948. Loading RR Car.

Quarry 4, men working, with horse or mule, 1897

Quarry 5, 1948. Tracks along quarry.

Quarry 5, on North shore, 1912

Quarry 6, 1948. Power shovel & truck.

Quarry 6, train engine and flat cars, 1912

Quarry 7, 1948. Workmen.

Quarry 8, 1948. Workman loading hopper car.

Quarry Bldg. Along RR tracks.

Quarry Crew. Mostly Italians.

Quarry, R.S. Men in front of building, sitting on railcar.

Quarry, R.S. Men

Raking Beach. Spring cleanup 1968. L-R: Lyle Reinfeldt, Willis Haltz, Bill Vatter.

Refractory Crusher. And switch engine for hauling rock from quarry to loading trestle.


Ringling Cottage 1. On South shore.

Ringling Cottage 1969. Color photo.

Ringling Garage.

Ringling House & Cottage.

Ringling House 1. Side view.

Ringling House 2. Front view.

Ringling House 3. Front view.

Ringling Ice House.

Road, 1917. Possibly South Shore road

Rock Portrait, stereo card, 1886

Rocky Arbor 1949. Doc. Thompson, Hubert Thompson, Albert Potter, Fritz Kesar.

RR Bridge. Aug. 13, 1896. Track construction.

RR C&N-WR Engine. Number 101. Aug. 13, 1896.

RR Channel Cut. Aug. 13, 1896. Track construction.

RR Construction Engine. Aug. 13, 1896. Track construction.

RR Crossing at Lake.

RR Crossing NS. Old crossing on North Shore.

RR Crossing, Old. C. 1930's.

RR Crossing S Shore. 1937. Cottage area & concession cottages on right.

RR Depot N Shore.

RR Engine 769.

RR Engine on Curve.

RR Laying Ties. Aug. 13, 1896. Track construction.

RR Laying Track. Aug. 13, 1896.

RR Over River. Aug. 13, 1896. Track construction. Two tracks.

RR Station S Shore. 1937.

RR Station S Shore 2. 1937.

RR Steam Shovel in Cut. Aug. 13, 1896. Track construction.

RR Steam Shovel 2. Aug. 13, 1896. Track construction.

RR Steam Shovel 3

RR Steam Shovel. Aug. 13, 1896. Track construction.

RR Steam Shovels. Aug. 13, 1896. Track construction.

RR Track Construction 3. Aug. 13, 1896. Track construction. Looking South

RR Tracks Construction 2. Aug. 13, 1896. Track construction. Looking North

RR Tracks Construction. Aug. 13, 1896.

RR Tracks Curve. On east shore.

RR Tracks, Man. C. 1930's.

RR Tracks. Double track.

RR Train, 1920's.

RR Trestle 2. Aug. 13, 1896. Track construction.

RR Trestle 3. Aug. 13, 1896. Track construction.

RR Trestle 4. Aug. 13, 1896. Track construction.

RR Trestle. Aug. 13, 1896. Track construction.

RR Tunnel 2. Aug. 13, 1896. Track construction. Creek runs through it.

RR Tunnel 3. Aug. 13, 1896. Track construction. Creek runs through it.

RR Tunnel Building. Aug. 13, 1896. Track construction.

RR Tunnel. Aug. 13, 1896. Track construction.

Rustic Road, view from front gate facing east

S. Beach 1, 1959. July.

S. Beach 2, 1959.  People.

S. Shore Rd. 1920. Car going along dirt road, next to lake.

Sauk County Jail

Schirmer Well Drill 1. Edward Schirmer well drilling equipment.

Schirmer Well Drill 2. Edward Schirmer well drilling equipment.

Schirmer Well Drill 3. Edward Schirmer well drilling equipment.

Schirmer Well Drill 4. Edward Schirmer well drilling equipment

SE Bluff Stereo. From above, looking towards lake.

Section Crew 2. Railroad men working at East bluff.

Section Crew. Railroad workers.

Setting Tables, 1968. Men loading or unloading picnic tables. Bill Vatter, left; Lyle Reinfeldt.

Sewrage Line Installation. 1971.

Ski Hill

South Shore 1

South Shore 1925, looking NW

South Shore 1925-2, looking NE

South Shore 2, looking west, Kirk & Hopkins farms

South Shore 3, looking NE

South Shore 4, air view looking west

South Shore 5, Oct. 26, 1974, by Ken Lange

South Shore Road 1, rustic road

South Shore Road 2, mud road along lake, 1912

Split Rock. On bluffs.

Stakes on Land.

Steamboat. View from RR tracks.

Store Fronts. Location unknown.

Super Home 1, Superintendent’s residence, log home, North shore, torn down in 1963

Super Home 2, Superintendent’s residence, log home, North shore, torn down in 1963

Super Home 3, Superintendent’s residence, log home, North shore, torn down in 1963

Swim Pier, long object is a slide, North shore

Swimmers, Early 20's.

Switch Engine. Near quarry, on south face of East bluff, 1927.

Tar Paper Cabin, located next to Old Settler’s Cabin & Canfield Tree house

Threshing Crew 2. On a farm.

Threshing Crew. With threshing machine, steam tractor, horses.

Toboggan Run

Toboggan Run 1940-1, Jan. 1940. Located on same hill as Nature Center. Ran down hill into lake.

Toboggan Run 1940-2

Toboggan Run 1940-3, lake end of the slide

Toboggan Slide, in winter

Tower 1. Was located on West Bluff. Capital dome in Madison visible on a clear day.

Tower 2. Same as Tower 1.

Trash Dive, “3 Little Devils” Trash & Treasure Dive, 1980. To help clean out the lake.

Treadwell 1, Dr. Treadwell on South Shore, 1889

Treadwell 2, Hunters & Fishermen

Treadwell 3, Hunters & Fishermen along railroad tracks

Tree Planting. Men holding tree. Caterpillar pulling. C. 1936.

Trucks, 1936. Men working.

Turk’s Head, 2 men, lots of graffiti

Tuttle, Ralph, & his wife. At retirement party 23 Jan. 1979

Upsom Cottage, built in 1856-57, located SE corner of lake at Kirkland, cottage was removed to build the Kirk Hotel.

UW Students 1930, Hopkins House

Vineyard, at Eagle Craig, advertisement

Vineyard Eagle Craig 1890

Wagon Ride in Lake. Near Kirkland.

Walnut Cottage, Lake View farm

Warner Road 1936, approach to North shore

Warner Road To Be, this was identified as possibly being the future route of Warner Road.

Water Main Install. C. 1936.

Water Reservoir 1. Underground water reservoir construction. C. 1936.

Water Reservoir 2. Underground water reservoir construction. C. 1936.

Water Skier. Color Postcard.

Water Slide 1

Water Slide 2

Weigand, Mrs. On right. Mother of Theodore & Meta Weigand of Weigand’s Bay.

West Bluff 1930's, train passing by

West Bluff, Kirk’s Landing

Winter Bath House. Looking west. C. 1936.

Winter Cottage. C. 1930's.

Winter Cottages. C. 1930's.

Winter Office. Office, ladies toilet on right.

Wis Excursion Boat. In 1935. The “Wisconsin” operated on lake from c. 1915 to 1936.

Ziemer Cottage. Located in bluffs. Mr. Ziemer opened a palisade development to sell 300 lots. After he died of typhoid after drinking nearby spring water, no one wanted the property.