Devil's Lake Camps & Campgrounds


Camp Devil's Lake

A CCC camp for the 2669th Company SP-12 (Wis). The camp was located on South Shore Road about a mile East of Devil's Lake. The camp was built in August 1935 and had 15 buildings with four barracks, (130 X 20 ft.). The camp had garages, workshops, bathhouse, mess hall, dispensary, library, chapel and a canteen. The camp had its own water supply and sewage system. The camp was abandoned by the U.S. Government in the Fall of 1941 and turned over to the state. In 1942 the camp was returned to the federal government and used to house employees of the Badger Ordnance Works (BOW). In 1944 Jamaicans, who worked at the BOW, lived in the camp barracks. After World War II, the camp was returned to the state. An accidental fire gutted one of the barracks in 1989 when the camp was being disassembled. Camp building materials that were being burned probably caused the fire.


Campgrounds at Devils Lake have undergone many changes. In the past, some of the camp-grounds were maintained by private resorts. Campers were allowed to camp along the edge of the lake. Campers could hold a campsite for a full year. The number of campsites at Devil's Lake increased to meet demand. In 1958 five to six hun-dred sites were added to the park. In the 1970s campers were no longer allowed to select their own campsites. Groups of camp-ers would often congregate and hold all night parties. Campsites could be occupied for up to three weeks. After the third week the campsite had to be vacated but campers could return after a period for an additional three weeks. Campsites could not be unoccupied for twelve hours. This prevented campers from holding or reserving campsites for the camping season.


Camping was free for two weeks in1936. In the 1940s campers paid 50 cents a day, $2.50 a week and $10 a season. In 1942 the park allowed transient day to day camping. Today campsites can be occupied for a maximum of three weeks. Campers may return for an additional three weeks after one week if campsites are available. Campers may not stake out a campsite and leave. Campsites may not be unattended for twelve hours.

South Shore Campground

The South Shore Campground is now a picnic area.

Wisconsin Civil Engineering Camp

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A field study camp, at Devil's Lake, for civil engineering students from the University of Wisconsin.