Sauk County Historical Society

Photographic Collection

Baraboo First Meth. Church, 16-2001C. 5th & Broadway, fire damaged, (1853-1899).

Baraboo M.E. Church, UN491, after fire, Jan. 1899, Broadway & 5th Ave. 1853-1899

Baraboo M.E. Church, UN490, Broadway & 5th Ave. 1853-1899

Baraboo M.E. Church, 98-1942, Broadway & 5th Ave. 1853-1899

Baraboo M.E. Church, 16-2001F, Broadway & 5th Ave. 1853-1899

Baraboo M.E. Church, UN1269, German, on 2nd St., became American Legion Hall

Baraboo Methodist, 16-2001A, old church at 5th & Broadway (1853-1899)

Baraboo St. John’s Luth. Church, 27-1999A6, corner 5th & East

Bethlehem church, UN1293, at Black Hawk

Confirmation, Harrisburg Church, [Loaned], 14 April 1911. L-R, Back: Erma Bontli, Otto

 Welke, Hosig. Front: Clara Rieser, Rev. Dahn, Clara Fisher.

Dellona Catholic, 2-2004FV

Excelsior Chapel, 2-2004FS

First Church Christ, Scientist #1-5, 602 East St., Baraboo, WI. Closed February 2007, due to

 declining attendance.

First Church Christ Scientist, #1A & 2A. Blueprints of church.

First Congregational, UN1180, SW corner Broadway & 6th Ave., Baraboo

First Methodist, 16-2001I, Group of people at a picnic

First Methodist, 16-2002B, Baraboo, after the fire, 1853-1899, 5th Ave. & Broadway

First United Methodist, 16-2001H, Group of ladies in front of church

First Presbyterian, UN1181, Rev. R.L. Williams, minister during late 1870's, early 1880's.

German Methodist, UN1170, Second St., Baraboo

German ME, 2-2004Z, 2nd St., Baraboo, now Legion Hall

Harrisburg Confirmation, 2-2006G, April 14, 1911. L-R: Clara Rieser, Erma Bentli, Otto Welke,

            Rev. Dahn, Hosig, Clara Fisher

Lime Ridge?, 28-1995A1, Unidentified people in front of a church, possibly Lime Ridge

Methodist, 2-2004AA, SE corner 5th & Broadway, 1853-1899

Our Lady of Loretto, UN1223, Church

Our Lady of Loretto, 16-2001J, in Honey Creek Twp., 1995

Our Lady of Loretto UN1227, Church

Quakers, UN1031,Valton Quakers, c. 1990's

Reedsburg Catholic, 2-2--4FW, First church

St. Johns, Bbo, 2-2003KA, St. John’s Lutheran Church, Baraboo, 331 4th St., 1918.  Photo from

            State Hist. Soc. #Whi (m491)12

St. John’s Evangelical Lutheran, 15-1990B5, Aug. 18, 1912,Conformation class, Raymond

             Niebuhr is to left of minister, Gerhard Pieper.

St. John’s Lutheran Church, UN1202, in Baraboo

St. Joseph Catholic Church, 16-2001GG, Wall trim detail

St. Joseph Catholic Church, UN1176, Fr. Joseph Henry

St. Joseph Catholic Church, 16-2001FF, Wall trim detail

St. Luke’s Catholic Church, Plain, UN1034, after a tornado

St. Michael’s Ironton, 2-2004FU

St. Paul’s Lutheran, Westfield, 2-2004FT

St. Peters, Reedsburg, 2-2004FY

Statue, UN1982, at Loretto

Trinity Episcopal, UN1179, Baraboo

Trinity Episcopal, 70-1961J, Baraboo, at Christmas

Trinity-Episcopal, Baraboo, 2-2003HU

Trinity-Episcopal, Baraboo, 2-2003HV

Trinity-Episcopal, Baraboo, 2-2003HW

Tuckertown, 2-2004RFX, Washington Township, 1976

Unidentified church, 28-1995A7

United Brethren, 28-1995A4, Old United Brethren, c. 1922. Possibly Lime Ridge

United Brethren, 14-1995I33, Sunday School class, 1907. Standing, L-R: Murray Phillips,

             Brown?, Leonard Brown?, Floyd Kuisman, Ora Kirkpatrick, Glen Kinsman, Walter           Bible, Frank Markley, Bruce Kirkpatrick, Ira Wheeler, Frank Conklin, Henry Aler.             Kneeling: Kenneth Phillip?, Mark Tower, Carl Aler, Bert Kirkpatrick, William Weeler,        Lesle Fry.

Westfield Catholic, 2-2004FR