Baraboo as City is Thirty Years Old Today

The News– April 4, 1912


Baraboo became a city thirty years ago today.  For many, many years the village had been growing and it was decided to add the dignity of a city charter and city officers.  An act was approved in the Wisconsin legislature on February 25, 1882, to change from the village to the city form of government.  It was provided that the election be held on March 6 and the change to take place on the fourth Tuesday of the month or March 28.  C.A. Swineford was elected the first mayor.


The first aldermen were Herman Albrecht, F. Avery, H.P. Barlow, James Dykins, T.T. English, H.D. Potter, P. Pratt, J.S. Worthman and J. Van Orden, J.G. Train was elected the first city clerk and Frank Avery was the first president of the council.


At the census taken in 1880 or a little over thirty years ago, Baraboo had a population of 4,594.  Today [1912] the number of people exceeds 6,324.  while Baraboo has not grown as fast as some places, her people have many things of which to be prowd (sic).  Fine streets, beautiful public buildings and other things make this a place in which to live that has few equals.