Baraboo a Good Place in Which to Live

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“The City Lies in a Beautiful Valley, Surrounded With Gorgeous Hills and Has Fine Water”

June 4, 1909

Baraboo is a magnificent place in which to live.  The beautiful Baraboo valley extends between the bluffs and beyond for something like sixty miles.  The gorgeous hills, the rolling recessional moraines and the bracing atmosphere give natural advantages that have few equals in this section of the union.  Added to this are the miles of paved streets and roads, the lines of shade trees, the beautiful homes and business enterprises.  Being within easy reach of Devil’s lake, the Dells, Mirror lake, Durward’s glen, the Ableman narrows and many other rare scenic places, there is an added charm that few towns possess.

It seems to many people that in the exercise of good abilities for the promotion of wise purposes there is a large change of happiness in such a life in such a place.  Here a man quickly establishes his identity, is enabled to take an influential part in the affairs of the community, and wholly escapes the sense of suffocation which the stranger is likely to feel in a great city.  He loses much, perhaps, but he may fairly hope to gain more, if he is willing to make an intelligent and especially an unselfish use of his opportunities.

The Ringlings’ have found it possible to make themselves known the country over, Gollmar Brothers have met with favor in many states.  William Toole & Sons have found a market form coast to coast, M.F. Foley has built up a business of which any man may feel grateful, Moeller Brothers have a circus wagon factory that is not surpassed for many a mile and others have found success and happiness not always achieved in larger centers of population.  There are other avenues open.  Who will become captains of industry in them?