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Arthur H. Clossey


Dec 22-1918

Dear Folks:

       Well as today was my waste day and I also received a pass to visit one of the large cities but as the transportation was so poor I thought I would stay in my bunk and write. As we have been pretty busy building up and preparing for the boys that come from the front among one of the buildings was a delousing plant several hundred ft. long and all of the boys have to pass through this before they go on the ship. I just received a bunch of mail also the clippings from the paper and was so glad to know that you were all well as I am fine for this kind of weather as they call it, “sunny France,” but we have not seen the sun in six weeks, nothing but rain. They say it will rain till Feb. 1st, but that aint nothing as I am used to it now and I am gaining every day as I weigh 154 lbs. I was sorry to hear John Croal got wounded but we were lucky. I heard from Joe lately, he is fine but he is 400 hundred miles from where I am so I guess there won’t be any chance of me seeing him. My pal Smith is still with me other wise I have not seen more of the Reedsburg boys. Three of us boys got a pass a few days ago and we visited the Black Prince cave, some cave as it took us two hours to go through it. And we had our supper at a French café for thirty-one franks that is better than six dollars in U.S. money so you can see the way things are here. Well, I want to thank you all for my Christmas box as for the candy it did not last long and the money I changed into francs and there were some things that came in very usful to me. Well as it won’t be long till Christmas but that don’t bother us boys as there will be lots more of them when we return. So you better wait till then and have your turkey and we will all celebrate. As there are troops on their way home every day so we will soon be on ours and will be glad to get back to the U.S. So Dad don’t work too hard as I will soon be there to help you. I sent you all a souvenir hope you got them and will bring some more when I come home which will be soon, so don’t be surprised to get a long distant call any day.

       So will tell you more when I see you. Heaps of love to all.

Private Arthur H. Clossey

Co. A. 311 Engrs, American E.F.