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Arthur Andrews

Envelope addressed to Mrs.G.W. Andrews

Baraboo, Wisconsin

(Letterhead reads: United States Military Academy, West Point, New York)

 Nov. 1, 1918

       Dear Father and Mother:

       Today was quite and exciting affair. The Assistant Secretary of War came from Washington together with several general staff officers and two upper classes graduated. We first passed in review as usual after the staff had inspected us and then after coming up by battalions in long gray lines before a number of moving picture machines we swung around and formed before the speakers stand in the form of a hollow square. The day was a little cool as the corps was uniformed in overcoats and white cross belts. Nothing is more inspiring than to see line after line, each as near perfect as it is possible to make. As the lines approached the reviewing officer a snappy “eyes right” is executed. It is a day that will be ever fresh in the graduates mind. During his address the speaker told the graduating class that after 4 months intensive training they would be sent direct to France where they could obey that noblest of all impulses, sacrifice for their country. He said the Army was always waiting with outstretched arms any graduates ticketed West Point.

        There were quite a number of general staff officers here for the ceremonies. Major General Jervey, who has a son here, was present. Also Major General Holbrook, who has two sons in the academy in the graduating class and who is commander of the Southern department was present. Both boys were appointed from Wisconsin. It seems strange to think of a major general running around in the hall of barracks and yet I nearly ran over him coming up from the basement today adorned only in shirt sleeves. I naturally woke up when I saw two silver stars on the shoulder.

       Tomorrow a new class comes in of about 700 new. They will be given a weeks intensive training and will then be turned in with us. Promotions have been made in the corps due to upper classes graduating and I have been made a corporal.

       Yesterday it devolved upon me to act as officer of the Guard. Of course you are on your honor to report any violations and I had to report several offenses. The officers of the guard are sort of a stabilizing (sic) influence in that they are on bound to report offenses and thereby maintain discipline. Hoping to hear from you soon.

       I remain your son,




       You may give this to Cole to publish if you wish. Am enclosing buttons for cuff links.

       Send more stamps.