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Life on the Shoulders of Earth

Ms. Harley Sorefass, Archaeology Field & Lab Technician at the UW/Baraboo, reports on the 2015 field school conducted at Man Mound and Maple Ridge in Freedom Township. One thousand year old artifacts were discovered and she discusses their significance.

Man Mound on TV

It's called the 'man mound', and for 1,000 years people have been marveling at what the first people of this state accomplished. A production of Green Bay, Channel 26.

Man Mound

Rob Nurre portrays mid-19th Century Sauk County, Wisconsin, surveyor, William Canfield. "Canfield" explains how he discovered the 1,000 year-old Man Mound and his efforts to survey it.

Effigy Mound Builders in Sauk County Part 1

Effigy mounds (earthen mounds in the recognizable shape of animals) were constructed throughout what is today the southern half of Wisconsin during a relatively short window of time between approximately AD 700 and AD 1000. Because these enigmatic earthworks are so visible they have been the focus of speculation as well as amateur and professional archaeological investigation for over 150 years.

Effiigy Mound Builders in Sauk County Part 2

Unfortunately, early misconceptions of what the mounds are, what is inside the mounds and who made them have continued to carry forward into the present making it difficult for most people to sort out the facts from the fiction. These talks addresses those issues

Sauk County Caches Revisited Part 1

By the end of the first three decades of the twentieth century, six spectacular archaeological finds had been reported for Sauk County. These finds consisted of deposits of finished and unfinished stone tools that had been buried, and apparently lost and/or intentionally abandoned, by their makers. In 2017, three of the six deposits were found in the collections of the Sauk County Historical Society and the Reedsburg Historical Society.


Life on the Shoulders of the Earth: Hunter-Gatherer Settlements Patterns in Sauk County

Sauk County Caches Revisited Part 2

The items underwent analysis and formed the basis for research in how people thousands of years ago used the land and the resources around them to survive in a world very different from the one we are accustomed to. George W. Christiansen III discusses the results of the analysis and what has come to be understood about the hunters and gatherers of Sauk County who lived 2000 to 3000 years ago.  


Archeology of Sauk County: 12,000 Years at the Edge of the Driftless Area