October 2017 Accessions

Doss, David 10/09/2017 1 print, photographic; Baraboo from hillside above, mounted on mat board

Etzwiler, Nijole 10/10/2017 1

Zantow, Todd 10/10/2017 2 pair of eyeglasses in case marked Dr. Harold J. Johnson, Optometrist, Baraboo, Wisconsin; belonged to Grandfather, Fred Zantow who was a State Senator in 1934; Fred W. Zantow (February 24, 1879 – November 14, 1934) was an American dairy farmer and politician.

Biography Born in the Town of Sumpter, Sauk County, Wisconsin, Zantow went to Sauk City High School. He was involved with various farm organizations and was an advocate of the contract system of cooperative marketing. Zantow was a supporter of United States Senator Robert M. La Follette, Jr.. Zantow served in the Wisconsin State Senate from 1931 until 1934 and was elected as a Republican. He had been reelected on the Progressive ticket in 1934. Zantow died in a hospital in Madison, Wisconsin following surgery. He had been in ill health

Doescher, Cindy 10/12/2017 17 photographs:

4) iron mine, La Rue w/ William H. Voss, father's grandfather Hazel, Sarah, Bonnie Minnie Voss Virginia and Gilbert Zimmerman (no relation) farm worker (1 b/w; 1 color) Randal and Alma Sterfert, cousins of father Carpenter, Walter family at homestead (relationship unsure) William Voss family Cecil Darlington,Irwin Wiese, Sarah Voss, Mabel Sullivan 2) Elmer,Minnie, Sylvia,William Sarah (Grandmother) Voss, school in La Rue with id on back McCoy School William, Wealthy, Rachael and Frank Voss album: Garden In Cafe; with Sara (donor's mother) run by Sara, and Larry and Shirley Zimmerman Voss house, North Freedom un named; voss family Gilbert and Virginia Grandfather's brother's wedding: Alber and Ella Zimmerman, Reedsburg child adopted by cousins, Randall and Alma (Voss) Herfert Fred (grandfathers brother) and Angela Zimmerman, emigrated from Germany with parents Robert and Julia Prouty, mother's family William Voss shooting over the neck of his horse, blue print Great Grandfather Henry Voss and group Dorothy Zimmerman wedding William, Wealthy, Martha, Frank, and Rachael Voss (siblings) Charley Carpenter and 3 children (Rachael Voss husband) with cabin Otto and Ophelia (Zimmerman) Domke Mae Elmer and husband (friends of Mother) 2) real photo postcards Storefront, unknown Sauk County (La Rue or North Freedom?) 10) b/w: parade in Baraboo collection: old postcards portrait, unknown 6) b/w photos; Lawrence Zimmerman (father) in Trinidad during WW II Mother and Aunt WW II dressed in father's clothes 3) WW II reunion photos B-17 and crew, identified but not known 3) portraits, Trinidad WW II class/club ? photo, all boys with same brown belts in white with badges

Larry. Zimmerman: superintendent of Mail, Baraboo ? - 1974? Shirley Gibson (mother) Graduation class photo, n.d. 3) Larson motor sales includes showroom window with woodie, Larry worked here before joining PO family: Mom's Dads brothers family, Robert Gibson BOW and war bonds sheet; Shirley Zimmerman (worked there) ponies, Voss or Carpenter (framed) BOW with Shirley Gibson with Mae Elmer beside her, 1945 collection: Haskins family (Haskins Park) tin types and watch case


family register marriage certificate; William Voss and Minnie Carpenter portrait, unknown Certificate: Royal Neighbors of America 2) menu: Christmas dinner 2) Christmas card, Larry to family WW II Valentine Card, Larry to family, WW II Telegraph, WESTERN UNION from Larry to family collection: Military life in Trinidad Pennant, Ft. Benning, Georgia clock, housing made by Larry of Trinidad native wood picture frame, made by Larry of Trinidad native wood program, Commencement, North Freedom H. S., 1937 Book and Map of Trinidad Collection: L. Zimmerman, county Board etc. 2) patches, WW II Post officer patch Autograph book, Shirley Rose Gibson, 1936 Studebaker manual, Model SD Four photo and postcard: Cliff Glover and B-17 School satchel, belonged to Shirley Gipson (mother) with homework collection: Letters, 1890-1900's 4) early reading workbooks Yearbook: Minnewaukan, 1939 2) report cards, 1908, 1915, Grandmother, Cora Haskins Sheet music: The Ford March Two-step; Harry H. Zickel