March - April 2017 Accessions

      MARCH - APRIL 2017 Accessions

3 Greeting Cards from Dr. Huth; Photograph of Dr. Kelly; Book: The History of Norris, New Buffalos, Mirror Lake, Delton, Delton, and Finally, Lake Delton written by Jan Landrum; Recording: Farm/Art Dtour Soundtrack; Wormfarm Institute  – from William Schuette

Book, Stewards of the Wisconsin II; Wisconsin Valley Improvement Company, written by  Michael Goc – from The Wisconsin Valley Improvement Company

2 Stereo Views titled “Vicinity of Mirror Lake, Delton, WI; Congress Hall, Winter” – transferred from the Winona County Historical Society

Scrip: Ringling Bros. Show; celebrating the 50th anniversary in 1933 – from Harold Heiser

Report: “Positioning Sauk County For the Future”  - from Paul and Ann Wolter

Game: Baraboo-Opoly, First Edition – from Nancy Schuette 

Handwritten Manuscript: “A Legend of Devil's Lake Near Baraboo, Wisconsin,” by Mrs. Mary E.  Dartt – from Joe and Lou Ann Ward

Paper Grain Bag from the Loganville Roller Mills J. Baumgartner And Company; Calendar plate, Fisher Bros Heating, Plumbing, Sheet Metal Work, Gas, Oil, Tractors; Reedsburg – from Jeremy Backenberg

Books: History of 303rd Engineer (C) Battalion, and  We Were Children Then essays by Wisconsin writers; photograph of a military unit with George Gieck – from Richard and Pat Ruppin

Insurance policies for Mirror Lake Inn, 1927-1932 – from Karen Kimbal

Platter and Green Bay Packers Championship towel – from Sharon McArthur

Badger Cleaners Clothes Bag – from Tom Caflisch

Confederate States of America $100 Scrip – from Jim Haskins

Baraboo-Devil's Lake Region Visitor's Guide, pamphlet advertising Hattle's Cafe, Baraboo; Al. Ringling Theatre Advertisement presenting The Patsy with Marie Dressler and Lawrence Gray; Envelope from Surry Ridge Builders, Baraboo – from George Wandrey, Jr.

Manuscript:  “Memories of Old Lime Ridge,” donor unknown

Scrapbook: Kuoni-Reuter American Legion Post 167,World War I – from Joan Litscher

Color Slides of the Steam and Gas Show, Mid-Continent Railroad Museum, and the Circus Parade in Baraboo – from Dianne Thompson

Pamphlet: “Centennial First Methodist Church, Baraboo”;  photographs of Jessie and Frank Bently and Mr. and Mrs. Franklyn Johnson – from The First United Methodist Church, Baraboo

File: Westfield Cemetery Civil War Veterans Burials, researched by Virgil O. Matz – from Thomas Broughton