2017 Accessions

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March - April 2017

Paper Grain Bag from the Loganville Roller Mills J. Baumgartner And Company; Calendar plate, Fisher Bros Heating, Plumbing, Sheet Metal Work, Gas, Oil, Tractors; Reedsburg – from Jeremy Backenberg

Confederate States of America $100 Scrip – from Jim Haskins

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May 2017

Plaques painted on wood slices depicting scenes from Devil's Lake pitcher, cream, hand painted, depicting Devil's Doorway, Devil's Lake, Wis; Adolf Simon, Chicago

Acid Jar and cork from Island Woolen Mill Cassette tape: Vick Johnson talking about Iron Mine

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October 2017

Pair of eyeglasses in case marked Dr. Harold J. Johnson, Optometrist, Baraboo, Wisconsin; belonged to Grandfather, Fred Zantow who was a State Senator in 1934; Fred W. Zantow (February 24, 1879 – November 14, 1934) was an American dairy farmer and politician.

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November 2017

3 album pages containing a total of 16 photographs mostly of the damage caused by the 1918 cyclone in Plain,Wisconsin.

poster: Coming Soon Hackett Baraboo concert and Dance Orchestra, c. 1890; black/white/ illustrated

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December 2017

Pamphlet: Herb Magic, The Tooles of Garry-Nee-Dule, Baraboo, Wis., 1945-619 pgs, illustrated with drawings; staple bound

Bottle, Wine; Narrows Creek Winery Cranberry Raisin Wine; produced and bottle at Narrows Creek Winery, Loganville, Wi. 2017; clear glass with paper label, corked top

and more....